Complete Compliance

Manage risk, regulations and auditing requirements with a range of dedicated compliance modules.

A strategic view

Use scenario modelling to make ‘what-if’ projections for your housing stock based on social and financial factors.

Single View

All data is updated across all modules and any integrations into housing management systems so teams are always up-to-date.

Project Management

Offering a range of tools needed for the successful management and delivery of each stage of your projects.

Total asset management designed to revolutionise how your housing stock is managed

The social housing sector brings with it a wide range of complex compliance, legal and auditing requirements which can be hard to manage across multiple systems. Our Asset Management software brings everything your housing association or local authority needs to meet these requirements whilst also ensuring effective day-to-day management and maintenance. Your data is used throughout the software to help you report and make decisions based on the current and predicted performance level of your housing stock, based on social and financial factors. Our solution is made up of a range of specialist modules which cover: Asbestos, Servicing, Surveys, Options Appraisal, Fixed Assets, Project Management, Location, HHSRS and Energy. Our new Task Management dashboard has been designed to enhance compliance by ensuring customers are less likely to miss key servicing dates by displaying any tigger events such as an upcoming gas safety check or an expired asbestos survey.


  • Asbestos module: This has been created to allow you to collect the necessary data to meet legal requirements and calculate risk scores.

  • Servicing module: Full details relating to any plant asset or appliance within one of your properties that needs regular servicing is accessed here.

  • Survey module: Data which is collected from user defined condition and risk assessment surveys is held here and used to calculate costs going forward and drive follow up actions.

  • Options Appraisal module: Carry out a range of scenario modelling for sustainability/performance with this module based on a range of social and financial (NPV) factors.

  • Fixed Assets module: Within this module you can calculate the net book value of your housing stock and components as well as handling depreciation, grant amortisation and finance system integration.

  • Projects module: Complete project management across all stages of work from initial concept through to completion.

  • Location module: Stores all data relating to a properties location e.g. details of shared entrances, surrounding estates etc, using Assets & Liabilities Register.

  • HHSRS module: Created to ensure that your housing assets fully comply with the Housing HHealth and Safety Rating System.

  • Energy module: Allows you to store Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) and see recommendations for improvements to the energy profile of your assets.

  • MOT style servicing means the original expiry date of a safety check is retained therefore removes any gradual shortening of the service cycle.

  • Task Management module: Fully auditable management of tasks triggered from multiple data change points across all modules, driven from a user dashboard.

  • A range of integrations are available which pass data to and from your housing management, finance, DLO, EDM and contractor systems.

Prior to using Orchard Asset Management, our data was held in our housing system and in various spreadsheets which made dealing with compliance, decent homes calculations and asbestos time consuming and cumbersome. As with the other modules, Options Appraisal has not only saved us time and effort but has provided the ability to assess stock performance and analyse reasons for poor performance, all from the same master set of data.
David Lowe | Asset Manager - ForViva

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