PRS and Build-to-Rent software to help you meet your goals and grow your business

Attract great residents

Harness multi-channel marketing capabilities to connect with prospects, and manage the lettings process in a fully featured CRM solution.

Simplify Living

Use web-based resident portal technology for onboarding, to engage your community and to deploy self-service tools for payments and maintenance.

Run smoothly

Take control of your operations with one, fully integrated and innovative platform including built-in workflows and mobile property management.

Know the score

Interrogate data from your system and use intuitive reporting capabilities to generate actionable insight, before confidently communicating to investors.

Improved customer satisfaction and data-driven decision-making with our PRS Software

If you own or operate privately rented housing stock or Build-to-Rent developments, you’re likely to have an ever-growing list of responsibilities to meet and challenges to overcome. From attracting residents and processing their tenancies right through to long-term financial and asset management of your portfolio, these are specialist disciplines in which you have to succeed – and you need the best technology to help you with each of them.

Having developed software in the residential sector for more than 40 years, we understand the support you need. Indeed, it was our experience, the speed of our development and our commitment to open architecture that meant we were the first to deliver a live Build-to-Rent solution for the UK market. So, whether you’re looking for an end-to-end system, or to adopt specific applications for different parts of the customer journey, use a supplier that is proven to deliver, one you can trust and one that knows the market.


  • Rely on an award-winning supplier, proven when it comes to enterprise software implementations and with dedicated local Support teams.

  • Break free of the one-size-fits all approach with an open system that allows you to link with a range of apps and specialised point solutions.

  • If you’re already using an MRI system, leverage our scalability and flexibility and expand your existing stack for your Build-to-Rent requirements.

  • Streamline your business processes and transform your operations with web-developed, cloud-based software designed for this market.

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How we can help

Resident On-boarding

Streamline the onboarding processes with integrated electronic signatures. Collect pre-tenancy funds, conduct online reference checks through the system and store all tenancy documentation and correspondence in a document manager.

Resident replacement and move out

Manage the end-of-tenancy process, and initiate the cycle of marketing and letting vacant your units. You can also use software to manage inventory issues and dilapidations prior to move-out and before the new resident is onboarded.

Add-on Services

Manage development amenity booking, concierge services and package tracking in one connected solution. You can also increase your revenues and add value for residents by incorporating an advertising element into your community portal.

Facilities Management

Jobs and associated expenditure are linked to accounts payable and full property accounts, and you can automate processes around compliance tasks such as health and safety checks. Residents can report issues 24/7 to trigger the relevant maintenance workflow.

Financial and Asset Management

Handle complex accounting obligations, including multi-company and joint venture requirements. Produce relevant statutory financial statements required for investors and manage the complex apportionment of investor’s funds.

Document Management

Achieve one, controlled documentation set across your property operations, with the flexibility to store any document type. Harness deep, two-way integration with our core property database, or link into third-party systems you use.

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