Housing Association Service Charges

Take the headache out of managing social housing service charges and deliver accurate billing, better budgeting and enhanced reporting

Managing social housing service charges effectively can help you meet the legislative requirements in achieving transparency with your billing, improving customer satisfaction and reassurance in your services. The solution can manage all types of service charges ranging from standard to leaseholder-specific, housing benefit ineligible, personal charges and more.

The solution has been designed as both a ‘standalone’ and integrated service charge calculation system, meaning it can interact with your housing management and finance applications. It has been specifically designed with the flexibility to manage property data to support any existing hierarchy and apportionment rules, simplifying calculation processes and guaranteeing correct auditable outputs.

Improve customer satisfaction with reliable services

Leading capabilities

The solution can manage all types of social housing service charges, from standard to complex, enabling you to better serve your tenants.

Comprehensive functionality

Staff are supported to produce budgets, reports and accounts efficiently, delivering accurate calculations and outputs every time.

Full auditability

Each extracted data point is linked to source information, providing a complete audit trail that paper-based processes and spreadsheets simply can’t offer.

Simplified management of social housing service charges

  • Reduce reliance on ineffective and outdated manual methods such as spreadsheets.

  • Manage complex calculations and charges across various properties and tenure agreements.

  • Introduce automation and intuitive workflows to your service charge processes.

  • Create detailed accounts of actual costs versus budgets.

  • Generate customised reports from within the system, blended with information from housing and finance solutions.

  • Produce personalised statements and letters, and deliver online.

  • Offer web-based payment methods to tenants.

Housing Association Service Charges

Achieve transparency across your service charges

Watch this on-demand webinar hosted by our product management team Paula Sprawling and Daniel Robinson who demonstrate how MRI Service Charges streamlines and automates this process, implements efficient workflows and quickly understands and reports on all aspects of service charges.

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