General Ledger

Group companies together for consolidated property accounting reporting and handle inter-company transfers with ease.

Purchase Ledger

Record comprehensive details of suppliers, amounts that are due to them and dates when payments are due.

Development Cost Management

Manage complex projects from conception to completion.

Gain tight control of your real estate income and expenditure with property accounting software

Property accounting software incorporates accounting, ledgers and financial tools to help you consolidate your finances. With property accounting software from MRI Qube PM, you will gain tight control of your real estate income and expenditure. Whatever your property portfolio looks like, our accounting solution can help deliver a significant ROI.


  • User-defined analysis codes offer comprehensive analysis and user-defined templates allow for fast, accurate input of invoices.

  • Flexible reports and graphs enable you to monitor the project and report to external partners.

  • The intuitive Project Creation Wizard to help you set up tasks with their forecasts and dependencies Automatic calculation of fees, interest, Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value, etc.

  • Project tasks can be combined to form contracts; you can then monitor the tendering process.

  • Cash flow and forecast details can be saved as “snapshots” to compare different stages of the Project.

  • Attach a scanned image of the original invoice to the item in the Invoice Register to aid staff in approving and authorising the items.

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