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Unlock the full potential of your portfolio

The industry is changing, and you may face diversifying your portfolio. So, you simply cannot afford to restrain your business with technology from the past. With modern, flexible rural estate management software, you can manage your land, commercial and residential assets with confidence, in an easy-to-use cloud solution with hundreds of client success stories.

Streamline your processes with rural estate management features

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Simplify your management of specialised records

Handle a range of speciality leases and complex records with ease in a comprehensive, flexible property database purpose-built for land, commercial, residential and mixed-use portfolios.


Uncover and realise new portfolio opportunities

Without a modern cloud-based property management platform, those managing rural estates risk missing opportunities to enhance portfolio performance and drive increased revenue.

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Design and customise your digital ecosystem

Exchange data across your existing systems and choose from a variety of specialist tools and features to form an all-encompassing suite of solutions around your unique business needs.

Simplify the complex with flexible, easy-to-use technology

Uncover insights

Uncover insights

Gain real-time access to critical information from any location, at any given time, about your physical properties, leases, tenants, accounting data and spatial GIS data – all from a single database. Plus, with dedicated portal technology, your stakeholders can cut through the noise and access the information relevant to them.

Accommodate change

Accommodate change

By their nature, rural estates are often very expansive portfolios incorporating large acreages. These ‘blocks’ of land are often redefined with boundaries being moved or merged to form new land parcels. With an easy-to-use, feature-rich solution, you can accommodate expansive portfolios and other changes quickly and efficiently.

Streamline processes

Streamline processes

Your portfolio may span many different locations and incorporate many different assets. So, having consistent processes across your portfolio is vital in helping to drive efficiencies throughout your business. With modern property technology, you can achieve consistency and ensure all your business units adopt identical business processes.

Enhance reporting

Enhance reporting

Making decisions on your rural estates isn’t easy, particularly without the right data and information. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can have confidence in your decision-making and clarity in your portfolio performance with highly visual and easy-to-interpret dashboards for all types of stakeholders.

Maintain buildings

Maintain buildings

With the automation of data for everyday tasks and easy access to all facilities management data in one place, you can effectively maintain your buildings and ensure that planned and reactive maintenance is completed on time, to budget, and is compliant – giving you full control of your facilities management.

Enable collaboration

Enable collaboration

In today’s world, your teams and stakeholders may be accustomed to flexible or remote working, so it’s vital they’re able to access systems anytime, anywhere. Help teams stay online and increase collaboration between suppliers, agents and other stakeholders through an easy-to-access mobile-enabled cloud solution.

A comprehensive platform for rural estate management


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