All the flexibility you need to effectively manage a wide range of asset types and leasing structures

If you’re managing a land-based portfolio, you will face many distinct challenges. However, land might not be the only asset in the overall portfolio, you may have the challenges of managing other commercial or residential properties.

If you do not have the right information to hand your role can get very complex. Technology gives you the ability to access the right information in the right place, at the right time.

Our solution provides you with all of the flexibility required to manage these varied assets, and having worked with some of the biggest public, private and not-for-profit landowners in the last 40 years we have the expertise to deliver a system that will match the requirements of your estate.


  • Access the software at any point for real-time information about the physical property, leases, tenants, accounting data and spatial GIS data.

  • Manage specialised records such as wayleaves/licences, as well as grants and government payments.

  • Easily accommodate boundary changes, including expansive portfolios incorporating large acreages.

  • Achieve consistency by ensuring all your business units adopt identical business processes, no matter where they are based.

  • Adopt the best software user experience with highly visual and easy-to-interpret dashboards and views, catering for every user including board members, accountants and property managers.

  • Effectively maintain your buildings by tracking all associated tasks and the related accountancy, supplier management and ordering functionality.

  • Increase collaboration with suppliers and agents through an easy-to-access mobile enabled SaaS solution.

Your guide to property management technology

Choose technology that supports your vision and use a platform that differentiates you from your competition – one that gives you the freedom and flexibility to build amazing digital experiences for the customers and communities you serve.

How we can help

Property Database

Flexibility to handle a variety of asset types, leasing structures and different lease dates. The central and easily accessible location for estate data – regions, properties, agents, tenants, residents, suppliers, leases and activities. Amend fields and easily design your own screens without coding changes delivering the flexibility to store specific entities related to your estate.

Property Accounting

A comprehensive and fully integrated suite. Property level accounting, accounts payable and receivable, cash management, general ledger, or you can easily link to your corporate system.

Investment Management

Access key data and metrics across investment structures, allowing you to accurately account, remit and report on shared and joint venture property initiatives.

Link to specialist systems

Our experience enables you to pass data to and from other systems to form an all-encompassing solution for your estate. Provide basic links to to email and calendars in Outlook, through to complex links to GIS systems, farm systems or valuation software packages.

Manage specialist Rural Estates income and grants

Use the software to track incoming payments from commissions and organisations, and link these to the sales ledger

Leasing activities of a Rural Estate

Ability to cope with varied lease types with different periods; for example, many agricultural leases will coincide with seasons, whereas residential leases might be monthly. You can also manage licences where land or buildings may be let for different purposes; for example: grazing rights, fishing rights, wayleaves and easements for power supply companies, and even filming licences and gliding licences.

Service charge management

If you manage commercial assets or leasehold properties, an in-built service charge ledger provides the capability to deliver clarity in the most complex of estates.

Facilities Management

With larger estates usually containing a number of buildings, our software supports your facilities and maintenance requirements – whether it is planned or reactive – by tracking all associated tasks and the related accountancy, supplier management and ordering functionality.

Mobile apps and portals

Complete mobility in property and land management with a suite of apps that includes maintenance, inspections, surveys and accounts payable approval.

Document management

Achieve one controlled documentation set across your property management operations, with the flexibility to store any document type. Options include fully integrated and native Sharepoint document management, or link to other systems of your choice.

Business process management

Improve your business processes with structured workflows. Proactive event and date-based alerts simplify management activities.

Procure to Pay

Bring all your P2P processes together under a single platform with intelligent invoice scanning and matching.

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