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BW Residential Ltd drives growth and elevates client service with MRI Software

BW Residential Ltd is a family-run business established in 2012, now run by mum and son Lynn Wales and Jamie Fisk. BW Residential Ltd specialises in block management in the South of England, from Bournemouth to Brighton as well as the M25 Circular.

Now, the company is growing rapidly, with a portfolio of 2,800 units operated by a team of ten.

Business Challenge

As the business has grown, the team at BW Residential quickly learned that a more robust management system was needed. Their previous solution was rudimentary and didn’t offer the control and organisational overview they required. It became imperative for the team to implement a solution that could handle their increased portfolio and enable effective communication with their larger resident base.


The team explored several property management platforms, but kept returning to MRI Qube Property Management as the most effective solution. BW Residential Ltd has stayed with the solution for nine years.

“I’m a systems person and for me, you get your systems in place and the business grows, which is exactly what we’ve seen. With MRI Qube PM in place, it makes the whole thing a lot easier.” – Lynn Wales, Managing Director, BW Residential Ltd.

The team have continued to upgrade and implement new features over time, including moving to the cloud-hosted version of MRI Qube PM, and most recently, implementing the customer portal solution MRI Engage.

Customer Engagement

The implementation of MRI Engage allows the team at BW Residential Ltd to provide a more convenient self-serve feature for their customers, while also lessening the administrative burden on their customer service operatives. This allows the team to provide a specialised, personal service to more complex cases or requirements.

“It’s much more user-friendly than our previous portal. Thanks to the MRI team for managing the process and helping us get the portal exactly how we want it to be today. Letters and emails are going out for people to register, and we hope that’ll encourage even more people to sign up.”- Lynn Wales, Managing Director, BW Residential Ltd.


The COVID-19 pandemic changed the property management landscape, and with it business models needed to change too.

The flexibility of Qube PM allowed the team at BW Residential Ltd to adapt their use of the system to suit their new workflows and continue providing services smoothly and effectively under changing regulations and customer expectations.

“During COVID we spent a lot of time developing and getting Qube PM how we wanted. This meant that we didn’t need to furlough anybody; we ran Qube PM and Engage training instead, so we were ready to hit the ground running when things opened again.”- Lynn Wales, Managing Director, BW Residential Ltd.


Over the years, the teams at MRI Software and BW Residential have developed a strong working relationship, with the team at MRI ensuring that BW Residential has everything they need and is fully supported through each new development to their technology stack.

“I worked closely with our account manager, who is amazing – he’s very, very supportive. They and the support team work so hard – they’ve been brilliant.”- Lynn Wales, Managing Director, BW Residential Ltd.

Driving Growth

The team at BW Residential Ltd put their growth and success down to the management systems they have in place:

“MRI Qube PM has been a huge part of our success… for me, systems have driven our success. We’re now at around the 2,800 unit mark with even more coming on, plus we’re looking to expand our ten-person team with three new hires. Without Qube PM we couldn’t do that…Originally because we were a small company, we didn’t use all the functionality within the system, but over time we’ve changed and grown and the difference it’s made to the team is unbelievable.” – Lynn Wales, Managing Director, BW Residential Ltd.

Future developments

At BW Residential Ltd, it’s important to the management team that all staff have access to the technology that enables them to do their jobs to the highest standard.  MRI’s open and connected approach to software allows BW Residential to easily expand its technology stack and integrate with other solutions. With plans in place to integrate with Fixflo next, the team is excited to continue to implement new functionalities, and as the business celebrates its ten-year anniversary, they plan to continue to grow alongside MRI.

“Talking to the team in the office about new functionalities makes them so excited because it means their life is made a little bit easier… It’s all done to save time for them. We have an amazing team, and we look after them, so anything we can do to smooth things along the way we will do… All software systems have limitations, there’s never a 100% perfect solution, but MRI Qube PM with the Engage portal has got it as near to that as possible.” – Lynn Wales, Managing Director, BW Residential Ltd.

To find out more about how MRI Engage and MRI Qube PM can support your block management business, contact our team to request a demo.

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