MRI Allocations

Advertise homes to those in need

MRI Allocations is a tenure-blind property marketing module within Housing Jigsaw that enables landlords to advertise their homes to those in housing need and manage accommodation enquiries.

Allocations provides all the functionality you expect from your existing Choice Based Lettings (CBL) system – and so much more. It also delivers an improved, mobile responsive experience with intuitive design and clear, easy-to-complete forms.


Application screen

The system combines the traditional CBL approach with the ability to allocate to all accommodation types. Allocations records and monitors all wider lettings, including supported accommodation and commissioning outcomes. This allows local authorities to monitor and deliver joined-up services, supported by registered provider partners and support agencies.

Allocations includes the Enhanced Housing Register. Like all Housing Jigsaw products, the pricing is clear and transparent with no hidden costs – all updates are included.

  • Online, customer-focused application with officer and manager dashboards
  • Automatic banding/pointing of applications
  • Ability to manage an extensive housing list
  • Ability to interact with registered and supported accommodation providers
  • A significant reduction in administration for a local authority
Enhanced Housing Register

Enhanced Housing Register

The Enhanced Housing Register enables local authorities to manage their housing register online in partnership with local registered providers. The Register holds all relevant information about a household and automatically bands/points each applicant against a local authority’s allocation policy and, where appropriate, supported accommodation priorities.

Customers are able to complete their application online, provide all relevant evidence and monitor the progress of the application. This reduces the administrative burden on the local authority and supports a customer-focused approach.

The Register functions as the main source of customer data. It links into the homelessness module (MRI Homelessness Reduction) and MRI Allocations. This gives local authorities the flexibility to add additional elements in order to meet local needs.

MRI Allocations

Key features

  • Advertising and lettings (replacing current outdated CBL modules)

  • Allocation and lettings (including direct lets, allocating to PRS, TA, management transfers and supported housing)

  • Add up to 15 photos of each property

  • Automatically appends local information – travel, health, schools and local support services

  • Mobile responsive adverts

  • Map and street view for each property

  • We will look to add features like supported gateway and commissioning outcome soon after launch of the core system

  • The team behind Housing Jigsaw have 18 years of experience delivering Choice Based Letting solutions

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