Improve Resident Experience

Allow residents to autonomously take control of their own mutual exchange. Intuitive, simple to use and available across all devices.

Increase Tenancies

Ensure success, fill voids, maintain income, make best use of stock and reduce failed tenancies using HomeSwapper.

Save time & resources

Dynamic dashboards facilitate easy case management, reduce calls, enable transparency, and provide detailed, one-click reporting.

Features ready to go or customise to your needs:

Laborious admin work keeping you from supporting residents in need?

Your resident’s wellbeing is always at the forefront of your priorities but mounting complex caseloads and increased admin demands are taking away the ability to go above and beyond for residents. This could be resulting in failed tenancies which can be avoided with mutual exchange.

Deliver an improved customer experience and enable autonomy all while reducing your workload. Residents are easily able to list and search for a home based on their criteria completely independently. And when a case does need extra support, HomeSwapper can help you automatically match homes to a resident’s needs. By providing residents the largest and best mutual exchange platform they will have access to a community of swappers and their properties across the whole of the UK and with 14,000 new users joining each month this is always expanding.


HomeSwapper - Looking for the Main HomeSwapper page?

Looking for the Main HomeSwapper page?

HomeSwapper’s main dashboard and login can be found at

Login, find matches, check Swapping status’ and complete swaps all within HomeSwapper.


Are you a tenant looking to swap?

Are you a tenant looking to swap?

This web page is for Landlords.  If you are a tenant looking to swap, please visit

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Solve your Main Mutual Exchange Challenges

Energy Management Software

Simplify Case Management

Work more effectively with an end-to-end case management system that provides a clear view of tenant profiles and activities. HomeSwapper includes a range of tools to support you, match homes, advertise voids and create multi swap chains.


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Enable Resident Autonomy

HomeSwapper is a self-service tool that’s intuitive and easy to use. Residents are provided with a dedicated support team, suite of self help guides and an active peer support community, this allows them to lead the mutual exchange process with full autonomy.

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Fully digitise your entire process with SwapTracker

Reduce resident complaints, meet deadlines and improve transparency. HomeSwapper’s connected support module provides real-time updates, follow-up actions and has secure digital forms. SwapTracker enables full transparency for yourselves and residents.

Dedicated and advanced tools to help streamline your Mutual Exchange process



Enable autonomy all while reducing your workload. Residents are easily able to list and search for a home based on their criteria completely independently.

Automated Home Matching

Automated Home Matching

Automatically notify residents of relevant properties. You can reduce time spent checking, calling residents and updating records about new available properties as HomeSwapper will automatically email residents when homes that match their specified criteria become available.


CRM in Real Estate


Easy to use tool that allows you to make optimal use of your housing stock. Setting search criteria identifies under or over occupied households allowing you to suggest potential matches to your residents all within HomeSwapper.

Advertise Voids

block management software

Advertise Voids

Improve void costs and reduce empty properties by advertising them on HomeSwapper to thousands of existing and potential residents without any additional fees. Housing providers who actively use HomeSwapper to advertise voids report major savings.


Real Estate Agency


Create swap chains of multiple properties significantly increasing the chances of a successful swap. Build one from scratch or use automatically generated MultiSwap chains based off the criteria set.

Dynamic Dashboards

Dynamic Dashboards

User friendly admin functions, end-to-end case management, user access control and detailed, one-click reporting with transparent views of tenant profiles and activities.


MRI Homelessness Reduction


A connected support module provides real-time updates, automatic alerts, actions needed and secure digital forms for ongoing mutual exchanges. SwapTracker enables full transparency for yourselves and residents.

AI image analysis


AI image analysis

Computer Vision AI saves users time by automatically classifying the type of photo they upload, (e.g. bathroom, dining room, etc) as well as ensuring they are not exposed to any inappropriate content. Privacy is also protected by warning the user if their image includes a person.

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