MRI Housing Finance Enterprise

MRI Housing Finance Enterprise

Finance teams have to perform a wide range of tasks in social housing organisations and to make things easier we offer an all-in-one financial management system called OpenAccounts. It allows users to perform all of the required financial processes including processing payment, requisitioning, purchase order approvals, handling expenses, reporting and more in one single system. Our system has been developed so that finance teams can work efficiently and Finance Directors can extract the information and reports needed in order to give the board the data needed to make key business decisions. Our industry-leading support team brings with them unrivalled product knowledge and a background in social housing to give our customers the best support on the market.

Housing Finance Enterprise


As part of our OpenAccounts solution, customers can also implement our eBIS software. This is a self-service platform which allows employees (including non-finance team members) to submit expenses themselves. This helps eliminate paper forms which need to be filled out and re-keyed which massively helps to reduce the burden on your finance team. It includes a mobile app for users to download onto their phones with photo-capture of receipts, easy expense entry, split expenses claims and importing of credit card statements.

MRI Housing Finance Enterprise

Document Management

If you are looking to move away from a paper-based system the V1 Document Management solution (a bolt on to OpenAccounts) will allow you to do just that. It will scan you invoices, use digital recognition to make the text within the invoices editable and searchable. You can set access levels on documents, tag them, apply retention policies and it’s all GDPR compliant. It is a true end-to-end document management system that makes finding information much faster than having to search through piles of paperwork.


Enhanced Reporting

Aid key business decisions with our range of standardised and customisable reports that make best use of your data.

Employee Expenses

Speed up your expenses process with our self-service platform that eliminates the traditional paperwork associated with submitting and paying expenses.

Making Tax Digital

Ensure your organisation is fully compliant with the MTD regulations with our constantly evolving Business Tax Portal.

MRI Housing Finance Enterprise


  • Non-finance-based staff can raise requests including purchase orders, sales invoicing and more via our self-service portal.

  • V1 Document Management allows scanning and digitisation of all your paper invoices.

  • Our financial solution can be fully integrated with all leading housing management and asset management providers.

  • We offer the option of hosting of financial software so that your users can access the key functionality wherever they are working.

  • Fully customised dashboards can be created in order to give you the charts and reports which are vital in your decision-making process.

  • Our team of experts can work with you to understand your main challenges in order to create a range of bespoke reports.

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OpenAccounts from MRI Software is a leading finance and reporting solution used by a community of over 20,000 users.

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