Housingbrixxx vs Spreadsheet

MRI HousingBrixx vs the traditional spreadsheet

Excel spreadsheets can only take your financial and strategic modelling so far. Vulnerable spreadsheet methods can lead to a lack of agility and scalability, human error and slow consolidation processes; meaning frustrating financial processes that often result in the inevitable output of errors – damaging confidence and potential loss of opportunity. Finance departments are having to work harder to make complex reports work, whereas with MRI’s financial modelling software, you don’t even have to think about it.


Create flexible models of your business

Delivering an intimate and detailed understanding of how each critical decision can impact the organisation, immediately and over a longer period of time.

Helps you comply with FFR and SHR legislation

Our financial modelling solution has evolved to closely align itself with the requirements of the social housing market, keeping up to date with legislative changes that impact the way you need to report.

Multiple report generation

A comprehensive suite of around fifty financial, treasury and operation reports. Also supplied with six standard dashboards containing a total of around fifty graphs including automatic calculation of sector-specific VfM metrics.


Understanding of time and accounting behaviours

Your financial models need to represent multiple forecasts and scenario breakdowns in the time frames you want. MRI HousingBrixx allows you to to do this effortlessly, without breaking any formulas or compromising the integrity of your numbers.

Being able to plan, forecast, budget, and report are fundamental functions for finance departments, with the outcome being a set of sound decisions and direction on financial strategy. MRI HousingBrixx allows you to view all these reports collaboratively, whereas in a spreadsheet environment, these functions are multiple exchanges of data and files, stored in separate spreadsheet formats that are difficult to be seen together.

MRI HousingBrixx - Understanding of best-practice modelling methods

Understanding of best-practice modelling methods

Unlike spreadsheets, the only variable factor which the user can control are the inputs. With around 300 objects within our modelling system, they form intelligent, non-breakable ‘building blocks’ that can be modified to the frequency, duration, title and date that has meaning to you. Spreadsheets do not have this locked down secure approach inherently built in and are therefore vulnerable to corruption

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Comprehensive audit history and flexibility

Can you see the whole picture and how you have got to the results, at each stage? Our software can log a comprehensive history of who has performed what and when – an important audit requirement in financial processes.

Using standard components, each housing association has the flexibility to build a bespoke model of their business within the financial modelling tool to best suit its needs, including adding reports as needed.

Property Management X


  • Full set of integrated financial and operational reports – tailored for the Social Housing SORP, in line with regulatory requirements.

  • Instant ‘one-click’ consolidation, with the ability to merge plans from different sections into one, for a complete picture.

  • Forecast multiple scenarios quickly and easily, by flexing your business plan across multiple variables and permutations.

  • Hundreds of intelligent ‘building block’ objects to create financial and operational variables for a comprehensive set of results.

  • Output is ‘locked-down’ giving you absolute faith in the numbers.

  • Recognised by housing regulators and lenders.

  • Access to upgrades and enhanced functionality. With an intricate knowledge of the social housing environment, our solution is continually reviewed and improved in line with your requirements.

  • Access to consultancy support.

  • Hosted option – Software as a Service (SaaS).

  • No implementation or upgrade administration required with the hosted option.

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