Save time

Automate traditional time-consuming tasks, helping to simplify administration so your teams can focus on using accurate data to make informed decisions.

Super-charge reporting

Single view dashboards provide all the information needed, to help analyse and report business insights. Choose from standardised and customizable dashboards.

Technical & Support Expertise

With client experience our number-one priority, our team of technical experts pride themselves on delivering unparalleled technical support, advice and expertise to our customers.

Stop relying on spreadsheets and manual processes which slow you down

Stop relying on spreadsheets and manual processes which slow you down

Finance teams have to perform a wide range of tasks in social housing organisations. Accuracy of data impacts your ability to budget and plan ahead confidently and current processes such as invoice processing, reporting and auditing may be slowing you down if manual and overly reliant on excel spreadsheets.  

To make things easier, we offer an all-in-one financial management system called OpenAccounts. It allows users to perform all of the required financial processes including processing payment, requisitioning, purchase order approvals, handling expenses, reporting and more in one single system. Our system has been developed so that finance teams can work efficiently, and finance leaders can extract the information and reports needed in order to give the board the data needed to make key business decisions.  

From finance leaders reporting to the board, to non-finance departments submitting expenses, OpenAccounts covers it all

Transparent and Easy to Use

Everything in one system

View information from across your multiple companies in one system, for easy and effective financial management creating an instant, holistic view of your performance 

Employee self-service

Speed up your expenses processes with our self-service e-BIS platform, that eliminates the traditional paperwork associated with submitting and paying expenses.

Finances/ Estates

Making tax digital

Stay fully compliant across the MTD regulations with our constantly evolving Business Tax portal.

Empower finance teams to work smarter

Customisable dashboards and reporting


Customisable dashboards and reporting

We offer a suite of standardised and fully customisable reports and dashboards, in order to give you the charts and reports you need which are vital in your decision-making process. Our reporting is designed to meet internal, statutory and regulatory requirements, so you get an accurate view of your financial performance.

V1 Document Management

Built with compliance in mind

V1 Document Management

A bolt-on to OpenAccounts, V1 Document Management allows you to scan your invoices and use digital recognition to make the text within the invoices editable and searchable. You can set and tag access levels on documents and apply retention policies inline with GDPR. It’s true end-to-end document management that makes finding information much faster and paperless.

eBIS for self-service

eBIS for self-service

This is a self-service platform which allows all employees to submit expenses themselves. This helps eliminate paper forms which need to be filled out and re-keyed which massively helps to reduce the burden on your finance team. It includes a mobile app for users to download onto their phones with photo-capture of receipts, easy expense entry, split expenses claims and importing of credit card statements.

Spend Management

Advanced Financials

Spend Management

Spend Management helps to manage your suppliers, the contracts with your suppliers and future procurements. From the process of engaging with the supplier market to evaluating supplier responses and deciding who to award the contract to (one or multiple parties) and then managing the contract for its lifetime. It gives your procurement team visibility over the suppliers’ performance in real time.

Flexibility and Integration

Flexibility and Integration

OpenAccounts, delivered by MRI can be fully integrated with all leading housing management and asset management providers. This makes us the preferred choice, working with and enhancing your existing systems to drive a better ecosystem.

Hosted solution

Hosted solution

Hosted solution

In addition to the on-premise option, OpenAccounts is available as a hosted solution called Advanced Financials. Allowing users to simply log in online, significantly reducing operating costs and enabling instant access via multiple platforms.

Total housing asset management designed to revolutionise how your stock is managed

Unrivalled product knowledge and exceptional support when you choose MRI

As the leading supplier of OpenAccounts for Social Housing, organisations are increasingly turning to MRI to gain access to the very best in solution expertise, knowledge, technical and account support.  

Our teams not only have unrivalled product knowledge, but over 45 years’ experience within the social housing sector itself. So we understand and intimately understand the daily challenges that finance departments go through, and time and time again we have witnessed the successful deployment of OpenAccounts which can instantly transform the way finance teams operate.

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