Day One

This foundation course is tailored specifically for new or returning users to get to grips with the software. Giving attendees a solid foundation in using the core features of MRI HousingBrixx and building a simple strategic plan. This course is designed as a prerequisite for the Day Two training.

  • Navigating the user interface
  • What is an object?
  • Building a simple, structured plan
  • Useful features – enable/disable, set report object
  • Entering data quickly and accurately
  • Opening balance
  • Consolidation and plan roll forward
  • Version control

Report Writer

Completion of Day 1 & Day 2 courses is a prerequisite for attendance of the Report Writer course. This training course is for more experienced users, equipping attendees with the ability to customise and create their own reports. These reports can be shared among anyone in your organisation.

  • Creating your own reports
  • Personalise the date range
  • Account selector
  • Writing equations
  • KPIs and covenants
  • Expansion frames Conditional formatting
  • Saving custom reports

Plan Review

This review session is designed for users with existing strategic models. One of our Strategic Modelling experts will methodically go through your plan with you. We can give advice on best practice methodologies and ensure that your plan is flexible enough to provide the answers you need.

Day Two

This training builds on the Day One course in content and detail. This will equip attendees with knowledge to build a detailed strategic model. This course is suitable for users who have completed Day One, or returning users who want to refresh their skills.

  • Global economic factors
  • Existing stock portfolio
  • Selling units
  • Completing the opening position
  • Development schemes
  • Treasury


We can offer a bespoke day of Strategic Modelling training. Please contact us to discuss the specific curriculum you require. This individual training is built around you and what you would like to get out of the day. Let us know what your requirements are.

  • Treasury
  • Development
  • Report writer
  • Component accounting
  • Unit disposal / tenancy transfer
  • Mini-refresher