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Technical Audit Services

Technical Audit Services from MRI


MRI’s in-house, experienced consultancy team can offer in-depth infrastructure audits for your organisation. Working in partnership with your internal I.T. staff, our Technical Services audit can be used to help inform investment and technology path decisions. By basing recommendations firmly on tangible data, we can help mitigate the risks of wastage and solutions becoming unfit-for-purpose in the longer term.  We can also provide the benefit of the wider viewpoint and experience.

Our Assessment objectives:

  • Conduct a non-invasive server and local network review (including environment topology, network switch configuration, physical cabling, local area and wide area networks, firewalls and general security).
  • Perform monitoring of current infrastructure loading (including server capacity, Storage Area Network capacity/performance, virtual/physical environment load and network bandwidth)
  • Detailed server and storage analysis (including configuration, average and peak metrics of server CPU, Memory, Disk, NUMA core allocation, along with I/O performance analysis of the disparate storage)
  • Perform a detailed network discovery (including the use of software tools and physical tracing to create an accurate and authoritative network diagram)
  • Review the Virtual Infrastructure (including topology, storage provisioning, virtual network configuration, hypervisor security, versioning, feature use, resource policies and resilience)
  • Perform a review of the Active Directory (including topology, resilience, role placement, Federation/authentication and Group Policies)
  • A review of the Citrix Server estate (including capacity, utilisation, configuration, software consistency across servers, Citrix policies and security)
  • Perform a review of Exchange email subsystems (including configuration, but with an emphasis on capacity, growth, and security)
  • Review the current WAN (including capacities, scalability, and type of Internet and inter-site data connections/routing)
  • Review current backup provision (checking that there are no changes required from the original specifications)


Key deliverables from your assessment:

  • Provide a view of the current server, storage, Virtual Server Environment, LAN / WAN networking, Perimeter Security and associated infrastructure.  (Including diagrams, role identification and configuration details as appropriate.)
  • Comment and advise on any short-term recommendations for the existing environment to increase performance and/or resilience.
  • Provide an analysis of the current infrastructure load/resource utilisation.
  • Identify/advise on current bottlenecks and causes of performance/stability issues.
  • Identify highly critical/significant/potential improvement issues using an easy to understand RAG system
  • Inform on technology/feature options that may be appropriate and report how existing investments in software could be better


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