Become the master of your real estate destiny.

We don’t design our products to change your business processes — we design to fit them. Real estate technology should be open, connected and flexible. We handle your time-consuming everyday demands so you can focus on strategy and growth. From property-level management and accounting to investment modeling and analytics, we know the global real estate market.

Financials Suite

Whether your needs are streamlining accounting and reporting to investors, complying with new leasing regulations or automating your payables, we can help. Our Financials Suite provides you with the comprehensive insight required to manage your business effectively.

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MRI Lease Intelligence

We didn’t take shortcuts building a fully-functional leasing CRM to manage your entire property lifecycle. This tool doesn’t just work in a vacuum — it integrates with your MRI Commercial Management for a seamless experience.

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Commercial Suite

Managing your lease deadlines across different property types can make you feel like you're caught in the ring with a prize fighter. We synced up all your real estate operations to punch above your weight.

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CRE Occupier

MRI Corporate Real Estate was built for retailers, healthcare systems, data centers, and other office and industrial lease holders. Stay on top of your lease expenses and terms. MRI CRE helps you master control of your real estate expenses and makes sure you never miss a critical lease detail.

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Investment Management

Data-driven investment decisions are mission critical, and errors can cost millions. The MRI Investment Suite models, forecasts performance, augments your strategic plan, and puts data behind your decisions.

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Facilities Management

Proactive management of your commercial real estate properties can help control costs while also keeping tenants satisfied. MRI offers facilities management software for real estate businesses of all sizes to automate time-consuming tasks.

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Reporting & Analytics

Our centralised and flexible analytics platform enables your analysts and executives to better understand critical data. More knowledgeable decisions are powered by clean, customisable, and accurate analytics.

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Every one of our tools is designed with an open and connected approach. MRI’s Platform X, Application eXchange and Information eXchange lay the foundation for you grow and scale your real estate business without limitations.

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