Lease Administration Services

Lease Management

A dedicated lease administrator is on hand to answer any question about your portfolio. Software is used to give a holistic view of your leases so you have up to date and accurate data, gaining insight and notification of critical events.

Lease Abstraction

AI-powered lease abstraction helps you extract, analyse and consume data from commercial leases quickly and without manual errors to gain ongoing auditability and transparency.

Lease Accounting

Harness technology to achieve and maintain compliance with ASC 842/IFRS 16/GASB 87 lease accounting standards, and report on every detail in a sophisticated structure.

Lease Audit

Conducting regular lease audits using MRI Lease Administration Services validates charges and ensures that the amounts billed are correct per the negotiated lease contract, mitigating risk for your business.

lease administration services

Eliminate administrative burdens by leveraging our expert lease admin team

Have you ever wished for a lease administration hero to tackle the complexities of managing leases and optimising your real estate portfolio? Struggling to find the right candidate to fill your lease administrator position?

Meet our lease administration guru, the perfect candidate to transform your lease management landscape, our very own MRI Managed Services expert.

Our team members aren’t just any another administrator; picture them as your supercharged teammate who can help optimise costs, centralise portfolios and increase platform efficiency.

Optimise your real estate team output with outsourced lease administration services

Lease Abstraction

Remove human error from manual abstraction using AI-First abstraction, so you can validate and analyse data fast.

Lease Audits

Uncover hidden costs & inaccurate landlord invoices to identify savings and make better decisions.

Lease Expertise

Work with our lease experts to leverage your software, save time, and increase productivity.

Lease Compliance

Validate compliance with all FASB/GASB regulations, uphold data integrity and support key decisions.

lease administration services

Lease administration with no strings attached

Many advisors provide lease admin packaged with brokerage and consultancy but we take a different approach.

  • We only offer lease admin services to occupiers so there are no conflicts of interest.
  • We only provide the data layer so you retain the freedom to choose your own brokerage and consultancy providers.
  • As lease admin experts, our software is designed and constantly updated by people with deep insight to your needs and objectives.

But to realise the true value of software, many real estate teams need more.  That’s why we’ve introduced outsourced services. Our dedicated leasing professionals come alongside your team to help leverage the software so you can focus 100% on delivering strategic objectives.

lease administration services

Download our free report for real estate leaders on the value of software

In this report, published in partnership with Verdantix, we present findings from in-depth interviews with more than 50 top executives at multinational organisations, exploring why the industry is rethinking its digital approach.

Supported throughout by statistical analysis, the discussion points include:

  • Top organisational priorities for real estate leaders
  • How new lease accounting rules are shaping real estate strategies
  • Common challenges of adopting the new standards
  • The global shift to software as a solution for lease accounting

3 steps to maximise the business impact of your real estate team

1. Book a consultation

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with a a lease admin expert to explore the benefits of outsourced lease admin.

2. Get a service that is right for you

Tell us about your needs and objectives and we'll create a service plan to manage your lease admin.

3. Offload the burden of lease admin

Relax knowing that you have accurate, compliant data and get back to the strategic objectives that make a difference to your business.


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