Simplify management

Store and share data, generate reports and improve forecasting using a single source of truth to save time, improve accuracy, and maintain compliance.

Operate more efficiently

Deliver hard and soft FM services using a single digital IWMS platform to streamline people, property, and assets.

Deliver better experiences

Create consistently high quality hospital environments that support better staff, contractor, patient, and visitor experiences.

Healthcare - Is your technology stack held together with sticking plasters?

Is your technology stack held together with sticking plasters?

Delivering the right care environment takes a team of many. From hard and soft FM to asset managers; from FDs to lease, project and fixed asset accountants; there are a lot of people involved. As a result, there are many data points to share and analyse to deliver a cost efficient, consistent, and compliant service. If you’re finding it impossible to work as a single team across many disparate and disconnected technology platforms, you’re not just wasting time and money. You’re missing the opportunity to improve hospital environments now and in the future.

A trusted partner providing end-to-end solutions for a variety of departments within the healthcare sector


With the automation of everyday tasks and access to all FM data in one place, you can make informed decisions and ensure planned and reactive maintenance is completed on time, within budget, and compliant.


MRI’s fixed asset accounting solution takes care of your asset register, while our lease accounting solution ensures AASB and IFRS 16 compliance.


Energy management software will collect data from systems and suppliers to measure and analyse your consumption on a day-to-day basis while helping you produce and implement your carbon reduction plan and the journey to Net Zero.

Optimise your space, assets, resources, contracts and funding with a unified digital platform


Create transparency between functions. Improve efficiency and save costs with better planned and reactive maintenance, resource, asset and contract management.

Speed up

End manual inputting and re-inputting of data, increase accuracy, and accelerate report generation and budget forecasts with a single source of truth.

Take control

Get better control of compliance across FM, lease, and fixed asset accounting. Fully understand your contracts by extracting and structuring data to level up your decision making.

Transparent, open and connected technology to support the entire healthcare team

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

A comprehensive suite of hard and soft FM solutions to deliver the ideal experience for patients, staff, and visitors in less time and within budget.

Lease administration

Lease administration

Avoid errors, poor decisions, and missed opportunities with streamlined processes and get the data you need to optimize your leases and achieve 100% accuracy.

Energy Management

energy management software

Energy Management

Get complete visibility and understanding of your energy consumption, and cut costs using the accurate data and analysis you need to drive change.

Space management

IWMS Software

Space management

Manage your buildings, people, and assets to their full potential with software that identifies how and when space is used and shows opportunities to reduce your property footprint.

Fixed Asset Accounting

Lease Accounting

Fixed Asset Accounting

Account for fixed assets with compliance with the ever changing requirements of IFRS, ATO and NZ Tax regulations.

IFRS 16 Lease Accounting

Trust accounting

IFRS 16 Lease Accounting

Generate the reports you need quickly, forecast accurate costs, and prioritise spend to manage primary care estates over three, five, and 10 years with full code compliance.

AI Lease Abstraction

Integrated workplace management system

AI Lease Abstraction

Use artificial intelligence (AI) to extract lease data and avoid errors, save time, and enable better and more accurate decision making with auditable data.

AI Contract Management

AI Contract Management

Stay on top of your legal, financial or compliance obligations with better visibility over contract data.  Use market leading Artificial Intelligence to identify and understand key contractual information and better protect your organisation from financial, legal or regulatory risk.

Turn hundred page contracts in to accurate, digital and structured data repositories to help negotiate better contracts, reduce costs, stay compliant with regulations and prevent fraud and abuse.

3 steps to remove the sticking plaster in your tech stack

1. Schedule a call

Tell us the challenges you want to solve and we'll show you how we can help you meet your goals.

2. Get a customised solution

Select the solution(s) you need and we'll customise and implement your platform for you.

3. Deliver ideal CX

Deliver the best possible environment and the ideal experience for hospital staff now and in the future.

Healthcare - Healthcare is no place for sticking plasters

Healthcare is no place for sticking plasters

It takes a fully joined up operating team of real estate professionals to deliver the ideal working environment for hospital doctors, nurses, and ancillaries.

But we know that many real estate teams are frustrated and concerned. They work with a tech stack of disparate, non-integrated software that generates more work, prevents cost reduction, and impedes progress.

That’s why we’ve created a single platform called MRI Healthcare that provides a simple, efficient, compliant way to manage:

  • Space
  • Fixed assets
  • Planned and reactive maintenance
  • Resource activity
  • Costs
  • Forecasts and funding

We’ve simplified processes, integrated compliance codes and done everything you need to help you meet today’s real estate for healthcare challenges. Schedule a call to find out more.

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