Improve business insights

Gain a holistic vision across all areas of your real estate portfolio and asset base.

Optimise working environments

Use and plan space effectively across your industrial buildings and ensure production or operations run continuously.

Control real estate costs

Reduce operating costs to boost the bottom line, whilst maintaining safety and compliance.

Industrial and Logistics Occupiers - Creating efficient work environments whilst reducing costs can be a juggling act

Creating efficient work environments whilst reducing costs can be a juggling act

It’s crucial that industrial and logistics workplaces run safely and efficiently and offer employees an environment that’s pleasant to work in. Industrial occupiers must attract and retain good people to drive productivity and promote their brand as an employer. 

Yet, managing and maintaining the best industrial real estate is increasingly complicated. Not only must you optimise the space and keep production running at all times, but you’re responsible for minimising energy consumption and rent, managing complex lease obligations and meeting compliance regulations.

Most businesses find that hard if they’re operating with old and disparate software, manual processes and fragmented data. And not only that but mistakes, inefficiencies and poor decisions impact cash flow and can eat away profits.


Trust our industry leading software to bring efficiency and cost savings to your real estate operations

Simplify lease management and accounting

Manage the entire lifecycle of your lease portfolio to optimise performance, make accurate payments, reduce risk and extract insightful data using AI to manage compliant accounting, auditing and reporting. If you lack internal resources, you can take advantage of our managed lease administration service.

Maintain and run efficient buildings

By streamlining and improving your facilities, maintenance and energy management processes, you can boost production, stay compliant and cut costs. The right technology helps you support these needs and operate greener and more efficient buildings and assets.

Optimise your workspaces

Ensure you maximise the use of space and reduce costs whilst still offering a comfortable and safe workplace for your employees. Facilitate modern working requirements and provide self-serve options for booking facilities such as car parking and more.

An end-to-end software offering for industrial and logistics occupiers

Lease administration

what is a rent roll

Lease administration

Bring your entire lease portfolio onto one platform to track and calculate rent and service charges. Automate and standardise the reconciliation process to produce high-quality and accurate financial statements, avoid incorrect payments, investigate discrepancies, and take action when needed. Save time and let us manage your rent and operating expense payments, collect rent from sub-tenants and resolve discrepancies and disputes.

AI lease accounting

Telecommunications software

AI lease accounting

Create capitalisation schedules and automatically generate accurate and timely reports to demonstrate compliance with IFRS 16 and AASB for real estate leases as well as high-volume equipment and fleet leases.

Use AI to extract and structure critical data on financial, legal and business terms of a lease in a condensed, easy-to-read and updatable version. Ensure a smooth lease auditing process with reliable data that has a full audit trail back to the original lease document.

AI contract management

AI Contract Management

AI contract management

Gain faster insights into your contracts to reduce the risk of disputes and improve supply chain management.

Room/desk booking

Room/desk booking

Support hybrid working and your long-term workplace strategy with room and desk booking software to manage reservable spaces, interactive floor plans, easy check-in, self-certification and utilisation reporting.

Eliminate no-shows and foster collaboration whilst empowering employees with tools they can access anywhere.

Space management

Space management

Optimise your space based on real-time data and current trends. Our effective space management utilisation and planning tools help you reconfigure space, reduce occupancy costs and ensure employee safety.

Facilities management

Facilities management

Use innovative facilities management software to stay compliant and manage all aspects of planned and reactive maintenance. Ensure your work facilities operate smoothly and without interruption.

Energy management

Energy management

Use energy management software to monitor, analyse and reduce energy consumption across your locations. Identify anomalies, benchmark against industry standards and support your journey towards Net Zero.

Fixed asset accounting

Fixed asset accounting

Keep an accurate asset register and get the depreciation data you need quickly and easily. Stay compliant with the ever-changing requirements of IFRS, AASB and other regulations and gain a full audit trail to meet and surpass regulations.

Contractor management

Contractor management

Keep buildings safe and secure with our people presence suite to manage employees, visitors and contractors from pre-visit compliance through onsite access and tracking.

Industrial and Logistics Occupiers - Downtime in your working environment need never happen

Downtime in your working environment need never happen

We know maintaining safe, cost-efficient and productive facilities is vital for your business to succeed and drive company performance.

For industrial and logistics occupiers, there’s an enormous range of tasks involved in delivering this core benefit. From space and energy management to FM and accounting, it’s a lot to cover. And through it all, costs must be contained and resources optimised.

We’ve been designing, updating, refining and supporting a comprehensive software suite to actively support industrial occupiers for 50 years. We know our industrial tenant suite is the best in the market because every piece of software is developed by our own, dedicated APAC personnel to bring you the features, functionality and support you need.

We know what it takes to deliver an outstanding performance and we’d like to help you achieve it.

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Maintain the most productive and efficient facilities, whilst reducing costs.

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