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Top 10 benefits of CMMS software

Do you know exactly when maintenance needs to be conducted? Probably not. Even an incredible Facility Manager with the best of intentions for protecting their workforce can’t personally keep track of everything going on in their organisation. You

Top 10 benefits of meeting room booking systems

There’s no denying that an organised meeting can carry big benefits for all involved. Teams get on the same page. Strategies are cemented and translated. New ideas and approaches are developed. That all sounds great… but we have to face a harsh

7 benefits of hot desking for employers

With employees and employers embracing the benefits of remote working, the role of the office has come under scrutiny in recent years. However, while working from home has brought many advantages, not least the lack of a commute, there are some downs

What is Space Management?

Have you ever wondered about what office space management is, how it works, and what it involves? There’s a lot to think about when it comes to considering what space management involves – and our friendly experts are on hand to help you find out

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