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Resident Event Ideas for Every Season

Providing a great experience that makes residents want to renew, review and refer others starts with creating vibrant communities and unforgettable moments. Come together with your residents to celebrate every season in style with the perfect event t…

How to Increase Tenant Retention

High tenant turnover rates come with a host of challenges for property managers. Acquiring new tenants can be disruptive and costly, often involving strategic marketing, lead nurturing, tenant screening and unit viewings or preparation. You also run …

EOFY Toolkit for Property Managers

We’re counting down the days to the End of Financial Year. While property managers don’t exactly look forward to this time of the year, we can all agree that preparation is key to achieving a less stressful situation come 30 June.  To help you tick o…

How to Handle Difficult Tenants

Dealing with difficult tenants can be one of the most daunting tasks for property managers. From late rent payments to property damage, noise complaints, or even legal disputes, the challenges presented by troublesome tenants can disrupt the harmony …

How Long Does Tenant Screening Take?

In property management, one of the most crucial steps for landlords and property owners is tenant screening. This process isn’t merely about filling vacancies; it’s a strategic measure to mitigate risks and ensure a harmonious and secure …

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