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The business costs of maintaining a well-run facility can add up fast if your assets, workforce or contractors are not operating to their full potential. With the automation of data for everyday tasks and easy access to all FM data in one place, you can make informed decisions and ensure that planned and reactive maintenance is completed on time, to budget, and is compliant. Take full control with innovative facilities management software that helps you stay ahead of the curve.

Cut costs, operate smoothly, and satisfy tenants with innovative facilities management software

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Property Occupiers

Today’s workplaces, sites and public places need to provide a great experience for occupants. FM teams need to gain process efficiencies, provide a great internal service, and stay compliant. The right technology helps you support these needs and ultimately raise the strategic profile of FM.

Service Providers & Contractors

Service Providers & Contractors

Gone are the days of not being able to provide clients with a completely automated account of their FM services. Gain a competitive edge by using a CAFM solution that can easily mobilise contracts of any size, be it a single-user instance to a global property portfolio, and anything in-between.

Property Owners

Property Owners

Providing great service to tenants, keeping them safe in the buildings you own or operate, and remaining compliant are crucial. A comprehensive FM and building operations platform can help improve income streams through additional service provision, retaining tenants, and providing excellent common area maintenance.

Our clients using FM Solutions

Core Facilities Management solutions

Maintenance Management

Comprehensive maintenance management systems for planned and reactive activity necessary to maintain a facility or portfolio.

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Building Maintenance & Operations

Complete management of all activities necessary to operate, maintain, and manage commercial buildings and gain the highest levels of tenant satisfaction.

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Enterprise Facilities Management

Fully integrate people, places and process within a building or estate, improving the quality of life and occupancy for a resident or business.

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Beat the competition with the right CAFM software

Be strategic

Facilities Management Software

Be strategic

Don’t get bogged down with manual data entry. Our CAFM solutions ensure connectivity, including Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Internet of Things (IoT) functionality, giving you the power and innovation to take control, harness valuable data and make informed decisions to revolutionise the way you work.

Increase Profitability

Facility Management Software

Increase Profitability

Utilise facilities management software to understand your profit margins with automated calculations of job spend.  By driving higher levels of productivity through an effective FM system, you will boost long-term profitability. 

Maximise productivity

fm software

Maximise productivity

Whether you are an owner/occupier needing to positively impact how your buildings operate or a manager of FM teams and contractors, the power of our CAFM solutions can transform your business and maximise productivity. 

Gain visibility

Facilities Management Software

Gain visibility

Have solid, easy to use and highly visual reporting systems in place to provide visibility of operations, and to raise the profile of your Facilities Management operation. 

Improve efficiency

Facility Management Software

Improve efficiency

Maximising the useful lifespan of your assets can make a big difference to the productivity of your organisation. Utilise effective facilities management software to improve efficiency and performance, as well as increase visibility of your operations.

Keep connected

FM Solutions

Keep connected

Keep connected with your mobile workforce with a natively integrated app suite.  Manage your available resources and maximise your team’s time through a single platform gaining an accurate view of workforce deployment and productivity.  Ensure that connectivity with remote workers doesn’t fail as soon as they stray outside of network coverage. 

Promote FM

Promote FM

Raise the profile of the Facilities Management function and show that the FM the team can optimise the efficiency of your workplace, drive organisationwide benefits and significantly reduce operational costs. 

Facility Management Software

Staying in control of the many facets of Facilities Management is no mean feat. We understand that.

That’s why our FM solutions are used globally and extensively.

No matter what size of operation you have, from a single-site building, manufacturing site or campus to multi-site, or even multinational operations, our solutions and experts are proven to make a difference.

  • Our experts have a full understanding of the industry requirements
  • We have a dedicated team focusing on the innovation of our software
  • Our Support Team offers business hours following-the-sun to deal with your needs 

3 Steps to Revolutionise your Business
Lead your team into tomorrow with future-proof FM software.

1. Schedule a call with a member of our experienced FM team to discuss your requirements.

2. We can walk you through a demo of the solutions to suit your needs, and to adapt with you.

3. We will create a plan for implementing an CAFM solution from our suite that is as innovative and forward thinking as you.

A small selection of the industries where clients are achieving success with our FM Solutions

Banking, Finance and Legal

Used across some of the world's leading brands in these sectors. Scaling from single office campuses through to thousands of sites globally.


Hundreds of universities, schools and colleges trust our solutions to manage their complete maintenance, space, energy management and regulatory requirements.


Powering 200+ healthcare organisations and hospitals, managing a variety of planned and reactive maintenance tasks including EBME, estate management, and portering operations.

Industrial and Manufacturing

Managing building maintenance, safety and compliance as well as preserving asset lifecycles. Ensuring that production runs smoothly is essential to maintaining revenue and profits.


Managing properties and space, whilst improving communication with tenants is crucial to protecting revenue.


Helping to support major operators keep on top of maintenance requests and getting the most from their contractors - providing a safe and welcoming environment for clients.


Keeping airports, ports, railways and metro systems globally maintained and safe – and supporting operators to provide a great service for the people using them.


Trusted to support maintaining over 2 million homes, public affordable and private. Keeping residents safe and improving homes and living spaces.

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