Your job keeps expanding but the hours in your day don’t! You need software to help you take better care of residents, your organisation and yourself.

MRI Living

Take care of residents

Spend less time on tasks and more time on the personal touches and enhanced experiences that keep your residents happy.  Improve retention rates and ensure that your community thrives. 

Service Providers & Contractors

Take care of your organisation

Maintain compliance and make smarter decisions with data you can trust. We’ll help you simplify the complex and use data to the fullest so you can drive longevity, growth and profitability for your organisation.

lease accounting software

Take care of yourself

Your duties and workload only seem to expand, so every one of our solutions is designed to give you back more of the precious time you need to rest, recharge, and bring your best self to the job.

How we can help

In safe hands

We invented the world’s first real estate software 50 years ago. We understand residential management better than anyone else, because we’ve been doing this longer than anyone else.

Global, but local 

With MRI, you’ve got the best of both worlds. Benefit from our global experience and fast innovations, but know there’s always a local team on hand who knows your sector inside out.   

Scale as you grow

Pick one product, or add on complementary solutions from MRI’s extensive suite of products to get exactly what you need. Nothing more, nothing less

Fully integrated

With a full range of powerful but easy-to-use software tools that can work together, separately, or alongside your existing tech, you can streamline your tools to work however you want.

Our Clients

Keen to know more?

1. Tell us what you want to achieve 

Tell us about your biggest challenges and what you’re looking to gain from implementing a software solution.  

2. Get expert advice 

Our team has the experience to guide you to the perfect solutions to help you meet your business challenges. 

3. Let us help you get started 

We’ll walk you through the steps so you can feel confident you’re getting exactly what you need, and only what you need. 

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