Strengthen oversight

Get full visibility and understanding of all your investment and housing assets. Achieve control over lease management, accounting, and compliance.

Simplify processes

Optimise operations with data sharing and streamlined workflows on a single platform. Access all your property software in one place on the cloud.

Improve contribution

Improve tenant experiences and increase the contribution made by property to local government finances and reputation.

Local Government - Technology should support you, not hold you back

Technology should support you, not hold you back

Think about the technology your organisation uses. Is it having the desired transformational impact? Can you see your technology directly contributing to a positive impact on the communities and people you serve? Or simpler still, is it making your life easier?

The key to success is a comprehensive, detailed oversight of assets, operations, and costs in one place. For that you need accurate, standardised data shared across a system of connected software supporting every management specialism including property management, maintenance, accounting and housing services.

Many local government organisations suffer from multiple legacy systems that simply don’t join up. Over time, these systems have become less efficient and they’re standing in the way of an overall strategic view, holding back service and revenue improvements.

A trusted partner providing end-to-end solutions for a variety of departments within Local Government


With the automation of data for everyday tasks and easy access to all FM data in one place, you can make informed decisions and ensure that planned and reactive maintenance is completed on time, within budget, and is compliant.

Property and Finance

Utilise a full range of market-leading, property management and accounting solutions to maximise revenue from property assets and ensure compliance with corporate governance for fixed asset and lease accounting.


Leverage technology to create safe, thriving and sustainable communities to support you, your organisation, and your residents and helping you to provide smarter, greener, safer homes, fit for the future.

All your data and software in one place to fast track performance


Only MRI Software provides an end-to-end software stack for local government with breadth of capability across social housing, resident services, private property, FM, accounting, and energy management.


Store, process, and access data from any function to speed up response time, track service provision, and share data. Streamline and improve service delivery across every function.


Build and configure your platform around existing software to minimise costs and smooth the digitalisation process. Benefit from MRI's 40 years' experience of working with local government.


Build the software skills and buy-in you need with online training dedicated account managers. Evolve and optimise your platform with the help of your customer success manager.

Simplify processes, improve services, and unlock revenue

Generate revenue

Generate revenue through acquisition, sales, letting, and management to make a stronger contribution to local government finances.

Save time

Avoid manual inputting, missed lease events and inaccurate invoicing with shared data, streamlined processes, and automated work flows.

Cut costs

Understand, optimise and operate your property assets more effectively with complete visibility of all the relevant standardised data stored and shared from one place.

Strengthen compliance

Generate fully-auditable, compliant reports easily, accurately and on time with all the necessary data and analysis stored in one place.

Prioritise those most in need

Helping to better manage legislative obligations and ensure the right homes are given to the right people.

Key software solutions from one trusted provider

Property management

Property management

Most local government organisations are wasting opportunities to unlock the potential of their property. Gain an overall strategic view of all of your property data with an integrated technology platform and start increasing your revenue streams.

Facilities management

Facilities Management Software

Facilities management

Operate your space, people, and assets to their full potential with software that automates and manages workflows to help you deliver ideal experiences in less time and on budget.

Housing and community

Housing and community

Solutions to support building better communities, helping you to look after today and build a better tomorrow.

Fixed asset accounting

Fixed asset accounting

The MRI fixed asset accounting solution specifically designed for local government clients. Providing a simple audited process to add new assets, transactions, calculating charges and producing standard reports.

IFRS 16 lease accounting

IFRS 16 lease accounting

Leverage AI to capture and analyse key information within your legal and lease contracts.  Generate the reports you need quickly, forecast accurate obligations, and prioritise budgets to manage leases over three, five, and ten years with full code compliance.

Energy management

Energy management

Get complete visibility and understanding of your energy consumption and cut costs using the accurate data and analysis you need to drive change.

3 steps to unlock the potential of your property portfolio

1. Schedule a call

Tell us the challenges you want to solve and we'll show you how how we can help you with a comprehensive software platform.

2. Get a tailored solution

We'll build and implement a solution around your existing software and work with you to ensure a smooth adoption.

3. Unlock cashflow

Generate more revenue, cut costs, and deliver services that generate positive experiences and improve the financial position of your local government organisation.


Local Government - One solution to ease pressure and unlock potential

One solution to ease pressure and unlock potential

Funding constraints and new service expectations are putting pressure on asset management, accounting and housing teams to find better ways to operate. 

Legacy systems frustrate attempts to share data, streamline processes and unlock the potential of digital management to cut costs and generate revenue. 

Yet many local government organisations struggle to find a simple solution that can be built around existing systems and is supported by knowledgeable property experts as well as technicians.  

MRI’s software covers a vast range of needs. You’ll only deal with one supplier, minimising the procurement process and have your own account manager to ensure your team’s success.

Schedule a call with us today to find out how we can help you unlock the potential of your team, your data, your community and your property portfolio to transform your impact on council finances and reputation.

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