Real Benchmark

Unlock the potential of your property management operations

MRI Real Benchmark is an integral part of property management operations. Unlock critical performance insights to identify and track results that matter to you with a cloud-based business intelligence solution that is designed for MRI Rest Professional clients.

The true power of MRI Real Benchmark is the ability for users to compare their own KPIs to other similar businesses using the Benchmarking tool. It’s a first for the real estate industry and puts the power of knowledge firmly into the hands of business owners. Industry benchmarking is not new. But what is new, is being able to access dynamic, timely and up-to-date benchmarking data in an online environment. That’s what MRI Real Benchmark offers.

A new benchmark in business intelligence

Benchmarking made simple

With MRI Real Benchmark you can take your own KPIs and compare them to similar businesses and the industry via simple filters

Easy to use

The highly visual dashboard contains over 12 months of data so identifying and tracking trends is a straightforward process

Anywhere, anytime

MRI Real Benchmark is cloud-based technology and is accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Real Benchmark

Why choose MRI Real Benchmark?

  • View your businesses Key Performance indicators online on a simple easy to read dashboard.

  • Review up to 13 months at a time to identify and track trends within your business.

  • Identify areas to improve the efficiency within your business.

  • The KPI visual dashboard creates meaningful reports in just a few clicks.

  • Identify areas their team is performing well in.

  • Benchmark your businesses KPI’s with other similar businesses.

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