Effortless compliance

Automate the calculation of required cash flows and balance sheet reporting. Stay on top of your IFRS 16 compliance requirements without the extra workload.

Smarter data-driven decision making

Automated notifications, analytics and intuitive dashboards drive faster, smarter decisions and workflows.

Gain back time and reduce stress

Free up time and resources to invest in strategic projects and grow your business.


Centralise your location data and eliminate fragmentation

Location management teams are struggling to manage mountains of data stored across multiple systems in different departments and across countries. Often manually input, it can start out inaccurate, become out-of-date and difficult to access. Bottom line – your team doesn’t trust its data, severely limiting productivity and performance.

Empower real estate managers to deliver an outstanding performance

Discover MRI LeaseEagle, the lease management software every location manager needs.


Accurate, unified, standardised data

Put an end to fragmented data with abstracted, unified, compliant and up to date lease data on a single platform, accessible 24/7 from anywhere.


Simplified location management

Gain centralised data and enable faster and more reliable access to critical business information to drive strategic decisions.


Automated processes and workflows

Improve performance with key event alerts, notifications and automated workflows that reduce error and maximise opportunity.

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Multiple solutions to power your performance

Location Management


Location Management

Comprehensive management of location information – inc. property details, lease commitments, occupancy costs – in a single, centralised system.

  • Live portfolio dashboard with performance charting and critical alerts.
  • Portfolio profiling based on pre-defined attributes.
  • Financial forecasting of occupancy expenses for all future lease years.
  • Customisable report builders.
  • Performance analysis to keep track of store performance and key real estate indicators.
  • Auto-report scheduling to enable the delivery of saved report templates.
  • Critical event alerts such as expiry/option dates, rent reviews, insurances, etc
  • Percentage rent tracking to automate the calculation of breakpoints and thresholds for percentage rent clauses and accrual of additional rental.
  • BI Reporting using MRI LeaseEagle metrics that can integrate with 3rd party systems.

Franchise Management


Franchise Management

Centralised management of franchise agreements, franchisees, billings and documentation to enhance systems’ operations and simplify code compliance.

  • Agreement management to manage franchise agreements like leases.
  • Customisable business reporting to gain visibility into your franchise network.
  • AR Billing with auto-recharging to capture charges for franchisee billing.
  • Automated date alerts such as franchise expiry. option notice dates, etc.
  • Document management to store all franchise documents.
  • Communications log to record any event regarding each location.

Payment & Financials


Payment & Financials

Streamlined invoice processing with automated contract-matching, ERP system integrations, enhanced payment controls and productivity gains of as much as 90%.

  • Enhanced accounts payable automation
  • Greater payment controls
  • Automated CPI management & forecasts
  • Detailed financial reporting
  • Automated occupancy cost tracking
  • Automated accruals tracking
  • Multi-currency management
  • Percentage rental tracking
  • Finance & ERP system integrations
  • International accounting standards compliance – IFRS 16, AASB 16
  • User logging & controls
  • Advanced variance reporting

Reporting & Analytics


Reporting & Analytics

Reporting is a challenge for every business and more ‘data driven’ decision making is a common priority. Whether it be administrative or financial reporting or deeper business analysis, it all relies upon the quality, depth and alignment of the underlying data.

MRI LeaseEagle delivers the information management required for multi-site business tenants and occupiers by creating a “single source of truth” for their property portfolios, aligning typically fragmented data sources.

With the necessary data controls and advanced reporting tools customers are able to generate the intelligence and insight they want, with the trust and reliability they need.


Lease Compliance


Lease Compliance

For private and public enterprises that have to account for leases on their balance sheet, adopting the AASB 16/IFRS 16 lease accounting standards and staying compliant can provide a real challenge. Integrated management of lease data, key business assumptions and detailed reporting required under the AASB 16/IFRS 16 lease accounting standards.



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Industries we serve


Designed to both maximise ongoing performance and productivity in a well-established retail chain or to support the roll-out of a new agile brand. MRI LeaseEagle provides the visibility and controls needed across your portfolio information.


Occupying or leasing corporate real estate is not core business for most organisations and can be undervalued and under-resourced. Avoid unnecessary expenses and risks by using MRI LeaseEagle.


The failure to effectively manage real estate portfolios has far more significant consequences than for other industries, due to the delivery of complex and critical services. Use MRI LeaseEagle to meet these types of diverse needs.

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