Innovation like no other

Get ahead of competitors with our latest AI (ChatGPT) powered tools, vendor and buyer matching and client propensity capabilities.

An integrated solution

Reduce admin and stay connected with more than 1,000 integrations with tools like Zapier and Xero in a single environment, so you're not duplicating effort.

Feature-rich mobile app

Manage open homes, appraisals and self-kiosk check-ins with ease and on the move using our Android and iOS compatible mobile app. Get full access to your contact database in your pocket.

When your business is powered by VaultRE, you can get back to what matters most. People.

When your business is powered by MRI Vault, you can get back to what matters most: people.

In the dynamic world of real estate, your agency often finds itself juggling numerous responsibilities, managing databases, overseeing property transactions, and striving to grow market presence. This can quickly become overwhelming. 

Vault will help you transform every aspect of your business or franchise group. Discover a powerful solution that will give you more hours back in the day, enabling you to direct your efforts towards what genuinely counts: cultivating meaningful connections and driving sales.

Everything you need in one system so you can focus on what matters


Reduced technology stack

Avoid double-handling and access multiple data from a single source with more than 1,000 integrations 


Integrated marketing solution

An end-to-end marketing platform for all e-marketing and printables including proposals, EDMs, e-newsletter, brochures, property booklets and submission documents. 


Automation and efficient workflows

Our automation goes beyond simple lists and reminders; benefit from set and forget EDMs and SMS, follow-ups and form population to optimise your workflows. 


Features to help your business evolve

Innovate your business and stay on top of the market with the latest tech capabilities and features, all delivered with our weekly updates. 

Intuitive, easy to use features you’re going to love

Prospecting and lead generation


Prospecting and lead generation

Win more business with our leading prospecting tools and qualified vendor and buyer leads from the portals 

Powerful automation


Powerful automation

Elevate your automation capabilities by implementing full automation for sending emails, SMS messages, follow-ups, and workflows. This comprehensive solution empowers you to cultivate leads through personalised and tailored communication strategies. 

Efficient listings management


Efficient listings management

Efficient listings management is at your fingertips with Vault. Save time using AI to generate property descriptions in seconds, manage photography uploads, client portals, live reports, real time interaction with portals, and more. 

Accounting and settlement

Vault integrations

Accounting and settlement

Manage all your financial data including sales trust, advertising, invoicing and tracking with 2-way Xero integration and other best of breed financial accounting tools.  

Business insights


Business insights

Get intuitive data reporting with a single view of your sales and financial status of your business, and feed crucial data back to your organisation and people. 

Support and training


Support and training

Dedicated training and support will ensure you’re well-equipped to make the most of Vault’s features. The Knowledge Base, regular training sessions, plus email and phone support help you leverage the CRM’s capabilities. 

Solutions for individual agents to large franchise networks

Sales agents

Vault makes staying ahead of the competition a breeze, offering your agents everything they need, precisely when they need it, with power, intuition, and adaptability at their fingertips.

Franchise groups

Get the whole picture across your franchise with Vault. From data insights to branding and communication, we can help you keep on top with a real-time view of every aspect of your operation all in one place.


Make better business decisions and remain agile with centralised building, suite, and lease information.

Vault is the trusted partner to more than one in three real estate offices across Australia and New Zealand

Take advantage of powerful integrations

Property data

Property data is pulled from major sources to reduce admin, including REINZ, CoreLogic and Pricefinder.

Document storage

REIForms / RealWorks integration allows for fast contract and document creation saving you admin time.

Open API

Our API is free to use, open to third parties and offers webhook functionality.

Consolidated data storage

Manage all your financial data including sales Trust and advertising, invoicing and tracking from one place.

Xero integration

Vault integrates tightly with Xero accounting software, saving you time in double data entry.


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