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How flexible technology can help power growth in Build-to-Rent

A thriving proptech industry means organisations running BTR developments can pick and choose scalable software solutions to suit both current and future requirements

Build-to-Rent continues to offer a lucrative growth opportunity for the UK residential market. Although the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic could result in a temporary slowdown, the longer-term trend demonstrates consistent expansion in the number of units completed, under construction or in planning. But, although on an upward trajectory, BTR is still a sector in its infancy – and recent research from the British Property Federation shows there are only 158,000 homes at the various stages.

So, with BTR still at a fraction of its potential future size and scale, those operating existing developments are somewhat limited in the scope of their budgets and business models – and that puts scrutiny on how they decide to deploy their resources. For instance, technology is a key pillar of a successful BTR operation, and there are a range of solutions available. Yet, many operators have not fully embraced its capabilities, or are relying on outdated methods, often because they believe the only option is to make a significant commitment to enterprise-grade software they simply don’t need at this time…

In this free on-demand webinar, we’ll pick apart this myth and explore how the development of increasingly flexible and scalable technology means every organisation, regardless of size or profile, can leverage innovative digital solutions. You’ll learn how you can start small and add integrated components as your footprint and budget expands.

During the session, industry experts explore the benefits of purpose-built and specialised applications to support every element of the BTR life cycle, including:

  • Back-office property management and accounting
  • CRM, lettings, lease agreements and onboarding
  • Self-service online payments and maintenance requests
  • Resident engagement, community building and amenities
  • Strategic planning and business intelligence reporting

We’ll then look at how, starting with a simple and open platform that grows over time, you can create a flexible, interoperable, end-to-end tech stack – one where you only ever pay for what you need, when you decide you need it.

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