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Real Estate Vision Stories: FirstPort

First Port
In conversation with Nigel Howell, CEO. FirstPort

As part of our Real Estate Vision stories series, Dermot Briody, Executive Managing Director EMEA at MRI Software met with Nigel Howell, CEO. FirstPort.

Having joined FirstPort as Chief Financial Officer in 2013, Nigel was appointed Chief Executive in February 2015. He led a significant performance turnaround at the company with a clear focus on strategy, customer service, staff engagement, and safety – delivering for customers, clients and investors alike whilst creating a sense of pride amongst colleagues. Nigel has a clear vision of how professional property management aligns to modern lifestyles and benefits residential customers and investors, and he is delivering a digital transformation to improve customer service and convenience still further.

Our aim is to make life easier for you and represent your best property interests. We want to be your first choice for a local, trusted and top class residential property maintenance service that represents more than just bricks and mortar: it’s the place you love to call home.

Nigel explains his desire for a connected ecosystem and the relationship with MRI Software:

Our technology vision is to have FirstPort as a platform business, a bit like uber and others, where we connect a resident in a development with a need for service, through to supply chain, to make sure that things are repaired and delivered. So we want to connect really well, our colleagues, our customers wherever they are at any point of the day and through any channel, our contractors and supply chain, our clients, be it the big developers, freeholders or the registered managed companies and finally with connected buildings through IOT and smart buildings. A connected eco-system that you see in other sectors.

MRI is a key solution for estate accounting, we have had a long relationship with MRI over the years and are big users of the software.  MRI have helped us get to where we are today, and its great to be engaged with MRI for the next stage of our journey.

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