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Roundtable – the changing role of the modern property manager

The remit of property managers has shifted significantly in recent years.

No longer is the discipline focused purely on the functional and operational aspects of running, maintaining and monetising a portfolio. As well as the actual bricks and mortar, property managers are now also responsible for wider business performance, creating communities in their buildings, the safety of those occupying properties and the deployment of technology to support their efforts.

Professionals in the field need a range of skills and qualifications across accounting, investment, marketing, customer experience, strategic leadership, IT and digital innovation and transformation. And as businesses look to return to offices, safety will be paramount. It will fall to property managers to deliver.

It all makes for a truly exciting time to be a property manager, with opportunities to excel in a number of different areas and to influence the business you work for at an executive level. But, it doesn’t come without its challenges.

In this on-demand virtual roundtable, hosted by Estates Gazette, real estate industry experts discuss these trends and look at the ways in which property managers are driving change and shaping the future of the sector. The participants also explore some of the difficulties faced, and how technology, automation and digital communication can provide a platform for ongoing success.

In light of the current business climate and impacts of COVID-19, the conversation also focuses on the post-pandemic recovery and the tentative steps being taken to return to the workplace – or not, in some cases.

The key topics covered in the 30-minute session include:
  • How organisations are preparing for the reopening of offices
  • How technology is changing and influencing property management
  • The role of the property manager in delivering excellent customer service
  • The skills and qualifications required in modern property management
  • The importance of collaboration and integration between stakeholders
  • Where property management is going next
Moderated by Tim Burke, Deputy Editor at Estates Gazette, the panellists for the roundtable are:

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