Prioritise support

Identify risk levels and automatically segment priority cases, so you can act accordingly and for those in most need of support

Sustain tenancies

Help sustain tenancies with the benefit of end-to-end tenancy sustainability which includes pre-tenancy and existing tenancies.

Improve income collection

Automatically identify financial vulnerability trends, those affected by welfare reform and target residents for direct debit campaigns.

Struggling to turn your data into decisions?

Struggling to turn your data into decisions?

When it comes to important decisions that affect the lives of others, basing them on reliable information is critical and navigating the sea of data to reveal the good information is a difficult and lengthy process. Having one single, simple to use, clean and verified view of the facts in a social housing-specific support profile is a necessity for your teams to make strategic decisions, prioritise effectively, intervene early and prevent crisis.

MRI Tenancy Analytics is designed to empower social housing providers to help you to proactively intervene to achieve the best outcomes for your customers, while protecting your income.  

Cloud-based Tenancy Analytics solution designed to help to identify risk, prioritise residents in need and sustain tenancies

Manage time efficiently

Keep your caseloads at a more manageable level as cases are automatically segmented and prioritised, allowing you to focus resources on those most in need of support. 

Identify fraud

Aggregates multiple sources of data to flag resident anomalies and fraud indicators. Identify possible fraud cases including subletting, undeclared HMO’s and cuckooing. 

Reduce failed tenancies

Providing a full picture of a tenant allows for proactive supportive measures to be put in place as to avoid long term rent arrears, failed tenancies, tenancy churn and voids. 

MRI Tenancy Analytics comprises a range of solutions, including SafeStart and InSight.

Data driven

Real Estate Investment Management Software

Data driven

MRI Tenancy Analytics intelligently aggregates and creates multiple sources of data (both internal and external) to identify residency anomalies, fraud indicators. It highlights benefit concerns (including Universal Credit) to identify financially vulnerable tenants and trends. It will also show new and historical bankruptcies, CCJs and IVAs.

Single view


Single view

MRI Tenancy Analytics helps provide you with a simple-to-use single view of the facts. Designed specifically for social housing providers, the solution enables them to prioritise cases and make effective early interventions to avoid long-term rent arrears and identify potential fraud.




This solution performs pre-tenancy financial checks to give social housing providers a full picture of a tenant before they sign their tenancy. This gives peace of mind that the tenancies aren’t going to build up arrears down the line, enables you to proactively put extra support in place and helps to improve void performance. A range of easy-to-use reports are included to power data-driven decision-making.

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