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Valleys to Coast

Implementing success

MRI Software is delighted to announce that after a short implementation period, Valleys To Coast (V2C) have successfully gone live with MRI Safestart, Tenancy Analytics and Debt Payback. Valleys To Coast is a not for profit housing organisation who provide and manage 5,835 homes across South Wales.


Valleys to Coast provides homes to over 5,900 people throughout Bridgend. Their mission is to provide safe homes for tenants. Using proven principles and best practice in social housing, they fully embrace the Seven Goals of the Future Generations Commissioner of prosperity, resilience, health, equality, community cohesion, vibrant culture and being globally responsible. They also commit to using the Five Ways of Working: long term, prevention, integration, collaboration and involvement in the way they implement their services.

At a glance

2018/19 performance
Stock: 5,835 ​homes
Turnover: £31.5m
Re-investment: 5.8%
New homes: £35m
Arrears: 1.99%


Following training, the V2C team are extremely keen to start using the Safestart and Tenancy Analytics solutions to understand the occupants of their tenancies by providing accurate customer data, identifying under and over occupying, flagging potential tenancy fraud and using pre-tenancy financial assessments to support tenancy sustainability. In addition, V2C will be using Tenancy Analytics to support vulnerable customers with the rollout of Universal Credit and PayBack to assist in the recovery of former tenant debt.


Greg Andrews, Head of Customer Operations at MRI Software, commented “It’s been a pleasure working with the Valleys To Coast team over the past few weeks to implement MRI. We held four training sessions to staff who were fully engaged and can see the suite as a crucial tool to support their work. I look forward to continuing to work with the team to help them fully realise the benefits of our products.”

Along with the rollout of the MRI suite, Valleys To Coast also use two additional business critical MRI Software solutions; HomeSwapper to support mutual exchange and HomeHunt to assist with allocations.

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