Manage your property operations in structured workflows, with proactive alerts to ease management concerns

Run your portfolio the way you want to. As an investor, owner or manager, you need to optimise your property transaction processes to ensure maximum efficiency. Horizon enables businesses to incorporate their own processes by defining and creating tasks that make up workflows reflective of company-specific procedures. The software is also designed to accommodate diversity. It allows users to deploy the set up that works best for them – with individuals in the same organisation each able to tailor their own front-end system structure to best suit their role.

  • Create templates to manage new leases, lease terminations, acquisitions or any process you need.

  • Notify users at every step of the process, directly through the system and via email.

  • Automatically update your overall forecast when a task is complete or forecast date changed.

  • Integrate with the alert module for task assignment, escalation and monitoring.

  • Embed workflows into other workflows, so core tasks don’t need to be re-entered.

  • Utilise a delegation process so tasks can be reassigned should a user be on leave.

Intelligent functionality for effective transaction management


Track all individual tasks and record completion dates against forecasts, allowing you to monitor performance and identify bottlenecks. Through workflows, tasks can be sent to individual users or teams. If a task is incomplete, it can be escalated to management or other stakeholders.


Create customised workflows which can be launched prior to the relevant event occurring in the portfolio. When a workflow begins, associated tasks are triggered and automatically sent to the relevant user or third party – and as each task is completed the next one is raised.


Use your tasks and workflows to drive alerts, ensuring all relevant staff are notified of key dates, activities and events such as lease expiries, rent reviews, options to break, insurance renewals, compliance requirements or data updates within your system.


With the integrated Horizon solution, you can store documents against both individual tasks and process workflows, ensuring all key information is captured. Template documents can also be saved against the activity template and will appear as and when new workflows are generated.

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