sustainability Management

An ESG and Sustainability Manager's system of choice to reach Net Zero

Net Zero requires a detailed understanding of current carbon emissions and carbon offset projects. MRI Energy provides highly accurate and flexible calculation tools to manage your science based targets, track performance and capture your baseline across the entire organisation; including electricity, renewable energy and gas usage right through to car mileage of employees.

Reporting is made easy with a full suite of analytical tools which can be used to analyse carbon at any level within your business.

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energy data collection

Manage everything in one place

Create, collect, and report on real time energy monitoring metrics for internal and external sustainability reporting. With our energy management platform, data can be collected from and shared with anyone in your organisation.

Housing and tenancy management

Set, monitor, and achieve your energy targets

Use MRI Energy to meet the energy requirements in your ESG strategy. Easy-to-digest data dashboards enable you to identify actionable changes in your organisation.

rural estate management

Bolster data quality

Sustainability data is so dynamic and diverse, it is easy to run into problems with data quality. Our sustainability reporting software helps you establish business rules, filters, and standardised collection protocols that reduce the possibility of bad data.

Set and exceed your ESG goals

Define your energy policy

sustainability management

Define your energy policy

Enable users to set high-level targets and define, analyse, and select energy saving opportunities to achieve them. Create your own energy-related environmental protection policies, such as “Save 25% of cost over the next 5 years.” From equipment upgrades to investing in energy engagement initiatives, the opportunities are endless.

Identify cost reduction opportunities

sustainability Management

Identify cost reduction opportunities

Assess the feasibility of each opportunity using the Opportunity Analysis charts. The customisable bubble chart clearly identifies the projects that will result in a greater ROI over a given period.

Verify savings

sustainability management

Verify savings

As projects complete, confirm that the forecasted savings have been made using the built-in verification according to the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). Large project portfolios can be easily managed with a progress chart tracking each stage of implementation, from funding to completion.

Your energy goals are 3 steps away

1. Book a demo

Tell us about your energy usage, the challenges you face, and the nature and scale of your business and we'll show you how MRI will help you achieve your energy goals.

2. Project roll out

After piloting 2-3 sites, we'll implement our ISO 9001 accredited Project Roll Out to ensure your success. We'll configure the interface and dashboards to your needs, validate data quality, and support you through handover.

3. Dial down energy costs

With comprehensive and reliable data and predictive analytics you will be able to manage and reduce energy, carbon, and costs to achieve your goals.

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