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The latest & greatest enhancements to MRI Energy

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Rising utility costs, environmental concerns, and the need for operational efficiency present challenges that demand innovative solutions. However, within these challenges lie opportunities for organisations to not only reduce their environmental footprint but also to enhance cost-effectiveness and tenant satisfaction.

In our latest spotlight webinar, MRI Energy’s product specialist Jody Barford, will cover the latest and greatest enhancements to MRI’s energy management solution and the use cases for your business.

Key Advancements in MRI Energy:

New IDC Plugins:
Uncover the capabilities of the new IDC Plugins and how they enhance data collection, providing granular insights into energy usage and decision-making.

API Data Collector Improvements:
Learn how these improvements streamline the process of gathering and analysing energy data, fostering a more comprehensive approach to energy management.

Integration of MQTT and AMQP protocols:
Enabling real-time data exchange and communication within the MRI Energy platform, see how this advancement empowers users to respond promptly to dynamic changes in energy consumption.

Facilities Dashboard Enhancements:
Discover how these enhancements facilitate better monitoring and management of energy consumption across diverse real estate portfolios.

Invoice Validation:
Uncover the latest features in invoice validation, ensuring the accuracy of billing and identifying potential discrepancies. This enhancement is crucial for organisations aiming to optimise cost allocations and minimise financial leakage in their energy management processes.

Mobile App Updates:
Stay connected on the go with updated features for the mobile app, now equipped with capabilities for tracking stock deliveries and capturing essential notes related to energy management.

Watch the MRI Energy Spotlight webinar and see first-hand how these latest and greatest advancements can help enhance your energy management strategy and sustainability journey.

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