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Government administration on track for net-zero with help from MRI Energy Management

Energy Management Software - Sustainability management

A UK government institution is working hard to reduce carbon emissions and drive forward sustainable practices across the country. Their regional facilities management team has made progress on the path towards net zero with energy-efficient initiatives across their offices and specialist sites to operate more sustainably.

These initiatives included installing LED lighting, solar PV, biomass district heating, free cooling from automatic windows, building management system upgrades and water-saving technologies among others.

To measure and monitor the impact of these initiatives, as well as identify further opportunities for efficiency, the facilities team chose MRI Energy Energy Management software.

Energy data management

With increased focus on operational efficiency and cost-cutting, as well as the Administrative Estate’s aim of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2030, the careful monitoring, measurement, and reporting of energy usage is vital.

Using MRI Energy Management Software, the Facilities Management team can manage their energy and water consumption data and gain full visibility over their usage, which helps in assessing their carbon footprint.

Tools such as customisable reporting, automated data input, and AI-driven insights ensure thorough and efficient energy management.

Thanks to the implementation of sustainability-focused technology, they achieved a 77% reduction in carbon emissions since 2010, and last year alone saved 3,874 tons of CO2 – a 2% reduction from the previous year.

User-friendly interface

With MRI Energy Management Software, the Facilities Management team can access energy and water usage data with only a few clicks. Such quick and easy access to ESG-critical and budgetary data means the team can create reports at the push of a button and collate monthly and quarterly data with ease.

The simple interface means that processes are streamlined within the Facilities Management department, reducing the time spent on collating data.

Easy access to energy usage data also means that decision-making around sustainability and energy usage matters can be informed with up-to-the-minute numbers, meaning risks are mitigated and the use of public money can be backed up with real usage statistics.

Thanks to having an intuitive interface, the Facilities Management team can quickly and easily train new team members to use the system, allowing them to extract data and pull insights with minimal lead-in time.

Automated data input

The client also uses MRI’s Energy scan app which provides instant and automated data input functionality.

The app can be used to capture meter readings, and the data is transferred to the main system almost instantaneously. This not only means that data is captured and uploaded quickly and easily, but is also free of input errors, meaning more accurate figures and therefore more reliable insights.

Thanks to MRI energy management software’s advanced integration capabilities, data can be collected from any system, location, or format, meaning regardless of the sensor or meter, energy data can be monitored and measured effectively.

Simplified data management

Using MRI energy management software, the Facilities Management team can maintain effectively and efficiently managed data.

The system ensures that information collected from spreadsheets, BMS systems, IoT devices, paper bills, and smart meters is collated and integrated, and any anomalies are highlighted.

Energy usage data is stored in a centralised system, meaning every team member is working from a single source of truth, resulting in more accurate insights and decision-making.

A continuing journey

The regional facilities team is working towards implementing further technologies to reduce carbon emissions, as their 2030 deadline for net-zero approaches. Initiatives such as implementing LED lighting, solar PV, and solar-powered heat pump systems to eliminate the use of gas boilers, reduce emissions, and drive efficiency are all part of their carbon-reducing work. With MRI energy management software on hand to manage their data and provide energy usage insights, the team is well equipped to tackle future trends and feels confident in achieving their long-term sustainability objectives.

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