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How to achieve net zero targets and keep on top of your ERIC reporting

With the roadmap to achieve net zero targets, compliance headaches, ERIC reporting relying on data across multiple groups and departments, NHS Energy Managers have a lot on their plates!

Siloed data on different systems is not only causing inefficiencies and human error, but also making it harder for healthcare organisations to identify energy saving opportunities and creating obstacles in their journey to net zero.

Working with 120 NHS Trusts in the UK, we’re well aware of the energy challenges of the healthcare sector. We’ve been helping some of the leading NHS Trusts to take control of their energy consumption and ease the pain in ERIC reporting by offering a single-source-of-truth for their energy management needs.

With this on-demand webinar, we’d like to show you how we help our clients achieve excellent cost savings and reduce their carbon footprint.

Join us in this 30 mins on-demand webinar to find out how you can automate your whole energy management process from data collection, analysis to report generation so you can unlock great energy savings while cutting down the manual processes to save you precious time and resources.

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