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Get notified before it's too late

Equipment faults and inefficiencies can lead to increased costs for your business, with expensive assets requiring repair or replacement. When failures do occur, you need to react quickly to prolong equipment life.

MRI Energy’s anomaly detection provides an extensive set of alarms that can be configured en-masse to notify of faults, leaks, oversights, and other problems, so you can take corrective action.

Detect the unexpected with alarms that identify abnormal energy use

Operations Management

Maximise asset value

Significantly reduce wear and tear on costly assets and prolong equipment life through early detection of equipment faults.

Enterprise FM

Reduce energy cost

Detect, diagnose, and quantify energy waste by systematically pinpointing the root cause of faults and inefficiencies. Identify new energy optimisation opportunities to harness additional cost savings.

Space Management

Visualise anomalies

Chart current and past performance based on alarm triggers. Visualise anomalies detected on any screen and report on results.

Alarms that work for your business

Taking action

anomaly detection software

Taking action

Each alarm can be acknowledged to indicate that it has been seen and action has been taken by the user.

Corrective action notes can be saved against raised alarms to be used when responding to future triggered alarms and what action took place to fix the issue previously.

Alarm configuration wizard

anomaly detection software

Alarm configuration wizard

The rules-based engine allows you to set up alarms easily. The system presents the options in a simple but powerful wizard-driven interface, which guides the user through the alarm configuration. The engine enables rules and exceptions to be layered over each other for a powerful, targeted, intelligent notification system.

Rich user interface

anomaly detection

Rich user interface

Alarms are configured, viewed, acknowledged, and managed via the alarms dashboard which provides a sleek, graphically rich navigation experience. Alarms can be created en-masse with an intuitive wizard.

Alarm forwarding

anomaly detection

Alarm forwarding

Alarms may be setup to be raised as a record within MRI eSight or to be automatically sent to assigned users via email. Alarms can be forwarded on a site-by-site basis based on the day of the week, time of day, and severity of the alarm. The Exception Reporting Module ensures that users receive crucial information as it happens, not after the event when it is often too late.

View alarm

anomaly detection software

View alarm

Using Map Navigation, users can quickly and easily react to abnormal energy use with visual alarm notifications. On the map, red alarm bells appear on the sites where consumption has exceeded acceptable limits or data is missing, allowing users to quickly identify and respond to issues.

Anomaly detection software for your industry

Aerospace and automotive

Automotive and aerospace companies utilise a wide array of machinery in their manufacturing processes. MRI Energy software can help reduce the number of maintenance tasks over time, helping to free up personnel for higher priorities.

Food and drink

Food & drink customers work with an especially valuable resource that depends heavily on equipment uptime. MRI Energy software can help to better strategise maintenance tasks, prevent downtime, and keep production flowing.


Pharmaceutical organisations are often concerned with product waste that could be attributed to underperforming or malfunctioning equipment. With MRI Energy software, these issues can be mitigated, improving product quality and productivity and lowering costs.


Creation and distribution of alarm notifications, enabling instant action to be taken can negate cost impacting events. MRI Energy provides the tools to help monitor and respond to alarms accordingly.

Property management

A predictive maintenance solution utilising MRI Energy technology provides better clarity into the lifecycle of faults for maintenance and operations leveraging fault state tracking.


ESCO sustainability efforts are the reduction of avoidable maintenance tasks. An energy management plan sets the groundwork for successful sustainability campaigns.

Your energy goals are 3 steps away

1. Book a demo

Tell us about your energy usage, the challenges you face, and the nature and scale of your business and we'll show you how MRI will help you achieve your energy goals.

2. Project roll out

After piloting 2-3 sites, we'll implement our ISO 9001 accredited Project Roll Out to ensure your success. We'll configure the interface and dashboards to your needs, validate data quality, and support you through handover.

3. Dial down energy costs

With comprehensive and reliable data and predictive analytics you will be able to manage and reduce energy, carbon, and costs to achieve your goals.

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