News October 27, 2017

Cluid Housing goes live

The entire social housing technology sector has eagerly been awaiting the handover of the Clúid Housing integrated software project from Castleton. In an industry where a social housing authority could be using several software programs which do not communicate with one another- the Clúid Housing and Castleton project is the first of its kind.

On Monday 18th September Clúid Housing had a handover of their integrated suite with Ronnie Maher and Brian O’Gorman, arriving at the Castleton Head Office for an Executive Meeting before Castleton Consultants head to Ireland to review and walkthrough Clúid Housing‘s new integrated software suite and their integration architecture.

Clúid Housing is the first Castleton customer to take the fully integrated software suite from the technology supplier. This marks an unprecedented shift in the social housing technology sector as previously each social housing authority had a number of technology suppliers.

Dean Dickinson, CEO of Castleton, said, “The benefits of using integrated technology from a single vendor are immense. Not only will Clúid save time and costs- our integrated solution will increase productivity and provide real-time visibility for Cluid.”

Ronnie Maher, IT Director at Clúid Housing, said, “We are delighted with the software and project Castleton are delivering. We were always confident we made the correct decision in choosing to take the fully integrated suite from Castleton and the company have delivered everything they said they would.”

“This project will help us to deliver on our business goals, reduce duplication across our organisation and help us provide a better customer experience.”

With the project due to be completed in March 2018 Castleton and Clúid Housing will be working in conjunction to continue to develop and test this newly integrated suite over the next coming months.

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