Tenancy Satisfaction Measures | How to leverage technology for insights and efficiency

As the deadline for the first submission of Tenancy Satisfaction Measures (TSM) approaches on 30 June, it’s critical for registered providers in the social housing sector to ensure their reporting preparations are on track. With the Social Housing Consumer Standards now in full force, regulators have the authority to assess landlords more routinely and proactively, taking action in a wider range of circumstances where performance does not meet the standard. A big part of this regulation is the reporting of TSM’s, which requires all registered providers who manage over 1,000 properties to generate, report and publish tenant satisfaction across key areas.  

How are your reporting preparations going?

Speaking to our clients in the social housing sector, we understand that preparations have been ongoing for a number of months now, which has added a new layer of data collection, analysis and reporting requirements. With the deadline fast approaching, registered providers may have encountered gaps in their data, making it a more manual task to bring all of the information together. The data may be across various disparate systems and in non- digitised formats leading to ineffiencies and potential inaccuracies in reporting. TSM reporting of course isn’t a one-off exercise, so the question is, can registered providers maintain data standards and report TSM’s in an efficient and consistent way? If the pain sounds familiar, then you’ll probably be wondering how sustainable your current approach is and what can be improved for the future.  

Imagine those hours being spent on driving and improving standards for your residents as opposed to just reporting on them. Fortunately, advancements in technology offer a promising solution. 

TSM dashboards, powered by Agora Insights

The right technology tools could be the key to unlocking greater efficiencies when it comes to reporting on TSM’s. As a technology provider to the social housing sector, we have over 850 clients using software solutions across their housing, finance, repairs and asset management needs. By bringing data together across these solutions, our TSM dashboards not only helps facilitate compliance with legislative requirements but also empowers providers to gain valuable insights into their performance and prioritise areas for improvement.  

Powered by Agora Insights, our TSM dashboard provide users with a unified experience and access to all the data and insights they need in one place. Access the information you need in a consistent manner, and with just a few clicks, you can interrogate your data across multiple applications. The output is a set of visually presented, drillable dashboards, against the full ten TSM requirements as laid out by the regulators.  

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