The Consumer Standards and Tenancy Satisfaction Measures: Your Guide to Achieving Compliance with Technology

Cutting through the noise, delivering you the essentials of what the Consumer Standards and Tenancy Satisfaction Measures 2023 Regulations mean, and how you can work towards achieving compliance with the right technology tools in place.

New regulations are in force

The revised Consumer Standards are now in force, which means Regulators can assess landlords more routinely and proactively, and take action in a wider range of circumstances.

The Challenge

Preparation has been ongoing for Registered Providers but maintaining and reporting against these standards can be resource intensive, especially if there are data gaps and a heavy reliance on manual processes.

The Key

The right technology tools could be the key to unlocking greater efficiencies, data transparency and adherence to new regulatory report requirements such as the Tenancy Satisfaction Measures (TSM).

Stay ahead of compliance with MRI’s suite of technology solutions.

This guide has been designed to showcase the key features and functionality within MRI Software solutions that can directly service the requirements of the four Consumer Standards.

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