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Acis Group Discuss Their Digital Transformation and the Evolution of Repairs Technology

Acis Group

Acis Group discuss transforming how their in-house engineers proactively respond to everyday repairs and maintenance tasks. Acis and MRI Software worked together to create and develop a technical solution that through meticulous planning and dedication achieved remarkable results within a commendable 12-month timeframe.

Using the streamlined solution, engineers are self-sufficient from diary management and job scheduling, right the way through to job completion.

  • Engineers can directly speak with customers, book appointments, diagnose the repair in-advance of visits and ensure they have all the tools they need for a first-time fix.
  • Engineers have complete ownership and accountability of their jobs and feel empowered to manage their own workloads.
  • Customers are kept up to date with appointment reminders and engineer ‘on-route’ notifications, with real-time surveys to ensure residents are satisfied with the work delivered.
  • Acis Group have greater visibility of repair statuses. With improved reporting, Acis Group have achieved zero out of time repairs, meaning every job is completed on time.

In this interview Jason Broughton, Head of Repairs Delivery, Sarah Quickfall, Planning Manager and Mark Hartley, Repairs & Maintenance Manager discuss the “Operative Autonomy” innovation, upcoming plans for their digital transformation and where in their opinion; IoT, AI and the future of repairs is headed.

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