Repairs and maintenance work made easy with MRI Repairs

When it comes to repairs and maintenance work, you want to be on the front foot – positively impacting the properties you manage and the people you serve. But with the continuous budgetary pressures, it is essential that all resources in an organisation are used to optimum efficiency and that costs are controlled.

MRI Repairs is designed for the repairs and maintenance of properties and assets in the Social Housing sector, delivers best-in-class housing repairs management solution for Housing Organisations and Contractors, helping you operate faster, smarter and more proactively – focusing less on admin and more on improving the homes within your communities.

More than just repairs

In addition to manage all aspects of repairs and maintenance work across all trades, MRI Repairs also automates many tasks that usually require manual intervention. The escalation process ensures resources are applied when and where they are needed.

  • Automated Workflows
  • Automated Job Completions
  • Automated Issue Escalation
  • Automated Van Stock Replenishment
  • Automated Job Costing & KPIs
  • Job Scheduling
  • Housing, Asset & Finance Systems Integration
  • Stock Control & Supplier Integration
  • Responsive, Voids, Cyclical, Planned Works, Planned Maintenance, Gas, Ground Works
  • Certification & Compliance
  • Fully Integrated Mobile Solutions
  • Incident Management

To learn more about what MRI Repairs can offer your residents, your organisation and yourselves, fill out the form and download the brochure.

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