A new world: where working from anywhere is possible (with the right connectivity of course!)

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Recent events have introduced new challenges for Housing Associations, some of whom who aren’t used to supporting a remote workforce or even doing the majority of their work digitally.

We’re all in this together and have shared responsibilities’ to make remote work productive. With the right tools, everyone can continue to feel engaged, included and empowered.

Thankfully, innovations in cloud infrastructure have led to major advancements in communication to allow us to be productive despite being in different locations. Collaboration tools as MS Teams, Skype and Zoom have been adopted quickly and successfully and we’ve also seen digital self-service tools get more use, such as online chatbots and customer apps/portals.

The greater challenge right now is to provide staff with good connectivity so they can work effectively. For those with limited bandwidth, there are ways of overcoming poor connectivity; with remote-working devices that help deliver a ‘plug and play’ premium and reliable networking experience.

Our consultants are working to help everyone get better connected, so if you want some free advice about how to get the best from remote working now, or in the future.

A final thought; Remote work is not one-size-fits-all, and no doubt once this is all over, organisations will be taking a close look at what the future workplace will look like. Whether that’s moving everyone back to the office, being office-based with remote flexibility or having partially remote or co-located-teams. We can look forward to a world where working from anywhere is possible!



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