Housing Analytics - Income Management

Income Management

MRI’s housing analytics solutions are designed to help increase income collection, sustain tenancies and focus efforts on cases most in need of help. Using analytic techniques and machine learning, our software predicts which customers are most likely to go into arrears, so you can act before a problem arises, predict which accounts in arrears will pay without intervention and send SMS and email reminders to those who are low-risk.

Our customers have found that using income management tools reduces the need for court action, which can incur high costs and slow down the debt recovery process.

The technology allows Universal Credit details to be incorporated into saved case lists and enables users to focus on Universal Credit accounts if they need to. The software is proven to help reduce cases for our customers immediately upon implementation.

Powerful interactive dashboards allow you to report more easily. Spot trends in your data at officer and manager level – so you always know how your team is performing, and where you can improve.   

Housing Analytics - Tenancy Management

Tenancy Management

Our tenancy management solutions are designed to empower social housing providers so that they can create and maintain sustainable tenancies. The software provides unparalleled levels of support for housing teams for the lifecycle of a tenancy and beyond.

It is comprised of a range of solutions which help to gather data on tenants, enabling support teams to intervene early and prevent crisis.  The software can trace previous tenants and assess their propensity to repay as well as performing powerful pre-tenancy checks to ensure you have the full picture and the right support in place before a tenancy commences. These solutions have been designed to help you to proactively intervene to achieve the best outcomes for your customers, while protecting your income and recovering debts.

MRI’s tenancy management technology automatically aggregates and manipulates multiple sources of data (both internal and external) to identify residency anomalies, fraud indicators and tenants in need of support and intervention. Cases are automatically segmented and prioritised, allowing you to focus resources on solutions, rather than time management.


Predict and Prioritise

Supports effective arrears management by focusing your attention where it is needed.

Faster Communications

Bulk email and SMS messages, with customisable text, can be distributed to tenants in arrears.

Daily Processing

Data is updated daily, with ‘At Risk’ list updated overnight ready for staff the following morning.


  • Sustain tenancies by monitoring and keeping in contact with at-risk tenants

  • Automatic risk scoring

  • Comprehensive case details

  • Responsive design for use on any device

  • Actions and notes recording

  • A range of out of the box standard reporting

  • Helps mitigate the risk of Universal Credit

  • Track and trace former tenant arrears

  • Use powerful interactive dashboards to understand what is (and isn’t) working

eBook: Build your early warning system

Our latest eBook looks at ways of identifying resident financial vulnerabilities to prevent risk escalations.  

Packed with client-user stories from across the sector, this is a timely eBook you won’t want to miss. 

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