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[Spotlight] MRI Qube PM – the 5 key reasons why SaaS makes sense

Qube property management
The first in a series of short, informative online sessions showcasing various aspects of the Qube PM solution and its wider technology ecosystem.

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have brought to the fore the benefits of adopting technology solutions hosted by providers, as opposed to running software via your internal infrastructure. SaaS-based systems offer a clear advantage when it comes to adaptability, flexibility and business continuity – and we’ve seen how they’ve enabled our clients to maintain business-critical operations while most or all of their users have shifted to remote working.

In fact – even before the ‘new normal’ of social distancing – advancements in technology, support and delivery meant SaaS had become the go-to method of deployment for MRI Qube PM. Whether for organisations new to the software, or for existing clients executing digital transformation strategies, the advantages of vendor-hosted vs on-premise are clear.

In this 15-minute online Spotlight session, our Qube PM solution experts explore 5 compelling reasons why you should be considering SaaS migration:

  1. Simplify operations
  2. Reduce the total cost of ownership
  3. Access world-class technologies
  4. Leverage an integrated software ecosystem
  5. Move to the next level of Qube PM with our Version 11 upgrade

As part of the presentation, you’ll discover how moving to MRI’s hosted environment can:

  • Save you valuable time and resources by removing burdens on your IT team
  • Enable faster and more efficient software upgrades
  • Unlock greater access to range of connected applications for your end-to-end property management and accounting requirements.

The session will also feature an overview of the Advance package, exclusive to existing users. Our flexible and widely adopted upgrade initiative combines SaaS migration, SQL conversion and a move to Version 11 into one combined project – making your technology transition as easy and accessible as possible.

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