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[Spotlight] MRI Qube PM – discover the power of AI for lease abstraction and analytics

Qube property management
The latest in a series of short, informative online sessions showcasing various aspects of the Qube PM solution and its wider technology ecosystem.

Data influences your strategy, decision-making and execution. Ultimately, it is critical to your success. As such, you need complete confidence that the information driving your technology solutions is accurate and reliable.

When you’re manually extracting data into systems from your various contracts and leases, it invariably results in a greater level of error. Not to mention it’s a burdensome and resource-intensive task that can take up valuable hours, days or even weeks – time which would be much better spent focused on optimising portfolio and serving tenants and residents.

In our latest Spotlight webinar, we explore the power of artificial intelligence and how it can be used to automate and digitalise the lease abstraction process. You’ll learn how organisations are leveraging AI to greatly reduce the time and effort taken to extract data from their paper-based leases and contracts, while reducing errors and delivering greater visibility for their teams.

Our solution experts will present two product options for Qube PM clients, based on the same underlying platform, available to you today:

Lease Insights – a smart OCR solution for SMBs, set up to enable searches for key clauses across lease portfolios and an array of contract types such as maintenance and supplier agreements.

Lease Intelligence – a comprehensive solution for property managers, owners and operators that utilises machine learning to extract data from leases and store it in a smart, centralised repository.

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