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[Spotlight] MRI Qube PM – why software beats spreadsheets for managing your fixed assets

Qube property management
The latest in a series of short, informative online sessions showcasing various aspects of the Qube PM solution and its wider technology ecosystem.

Are you struggling with spreadsheets to manage a growing asset register?

While spreadsheets are an integral part of business operations, they cannot perform each and every task. You may be facing challenges associated with inefficient processes, inaccurate depreciation calculations, incomplete audit trails and fragmented financial reporting.

In addition, the importance of tracking and monitoring fixed assets is often overlooked, yet the potential return on investment that can be attained by maintaining a current inventory and properly accounting for fixed assets can be substantial.

Fortunately, we have a solution. In this latest Qube PM Spotlight edition, we put the focus on the MRI ecosystem and share the features and benefits of our complementary fixed asset accounting application.

In this software demonstration, we explore the key functionality areas, including:

  • Compliance with latest accounting standards
  • Batch event features (add accounting events to multiple assets)
  • Flexible depreciation calculations
  • Scheduled report generation
  • Import/export mass data from and to spreadsheets
  • A fully integrated mobile asset tracking app
  • Powerful forecasting that’s easy to use

Our presenters will also look at where the product would fit into your existing technology stack, how it interacts with Qube PM modules and how innovative data exchange capabilities mean you can remove the burden of related manual processes for your team.

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