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IFRS 16 & beyond: 5 ways technology can help overcome post-transition challenges

Over the past three years, MRI Software has supported nearly 500 organisations around the world in their adoption of new lease accounting standards.

In many of those projects, we’ve delivered software for several enterprise organisations in the UK, Europe, Africa and Middle East as they transition to IFRS 16, helping bring sizeable real estate and equipment lease portfolios onto company balance sheets.

Throughout these technology implementations, and in our wider interactions with the market, we’ve seen the pitfalls first-hand. We also understand that transition to the new standards is just the beginning – and the ongoing requirements and obstacles are just as complex, if not more so, than the adoption itself.

In this free on-demand webinar, our lease accounting experts explore these key challenges in detail. We then outline five main ways in which technology can be used to overcome them, and how the right software can provide a long-term platform for real estate decision-makers and finance executives to meet their mission-critical objectives.

The session will also feature overviews and demonstrations of important functionality areas, such as:

  • Reporting on future periods, forecasting and creating ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Visibility of recalculations and the reasons
  • Group vs Entity reporting, and dual reporting to IFRS 16 and ASC 842Implementing collaborative workflows, alerts and notifications
  • Support with audit requirements

And finally, we’ll share details of a use case from a recognised European retailer which has deployed our software to meet their IFRS 16 reporting needs.

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