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Rapid growth and smart automation – Alliance Managing Agents gain an edge on competitors with Qube PM

When Alliance was founded in 2008 by Nathan Spitzer, the company was managing a small portfolio consisting of a handful of residential blocks and 2 commercial properties. Nathan had previously worked at a large PLC property management company, and saw an opportunity to offer a more boutique service leveraging his existing systems experience. Since then, Alliance has consistently grown, mainly through word of mouth and referrals from satisfied clients, and now the small team manages a portfolio of around 6,000 units. Around 4 years ago Alliance also made a diversification into commercial management which now makes up a sizeable portion of their portfolio.


A clear choice

Having used Qube PM as part of his former employment, Nathan saw the solution as the obvious base on which to expand his business. Using Nathan’s systems knowledge and the powerful toolsets available in Qube PM, Alliance have achieved some impressive time savings and customer centric outcomes over the years.

“From the start, our intention was to use Qube as it should be used. All of our property and tenant data is in there along with the relevant documents. We started with the core system and gradually brought in process automation through functions like the invoice register, workflow management, auto bank reconciliation, and mass invoice importing.” – Nathan Spitzer, Alliance Managing Agents.



Alliance has been using Qube PM since day one of the business, and the system has supported the business’s growth, from their first unit, to today’s portfolio of 6,000. Alliance is continuing to grow rapidly, and thanks to Qube PM’s power to handle large amounts of data and processes, the system has and will continue to scale up as they do.


Fast and reliable financials

With a large number of clients and units to manage, account reconciliation and financial management can be time consuming and costly in resource. However, Alliance enjoy large time savings through the combination of client money systems and Qube’s auto bank reconciliation function. They’re able to ensure 600 bank accounts are fully reconciled every single day by Qube PM, and it all takes less than 15 minutes.

Another key area where Qube delivers huge time savings for Alliance is in the production of year end service charge accounts.

I would estimate a company not using Qube would take 3-4 days to produce and review a set of service charge accounts with Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Trial Balance, Budget Vs Actual and transaction audit trail reporting. Using Qube we can do this in 2 hours

Adding value with automation

Through leveraging the automation on offer, Alliance manage their portfolio with an accounts staff of three full-time members and one part-time service charge accountant. This allows them to provide a competitive service compared with agents who are hampered by manual processes.

Using Qube PM, Alliance have struck a great balance with automation of process, freeing up to staff time in order to provide more value to their clients. This is obvious in their approach to credit control. Additionally, with mass invoice importing, Alliance import 1,000 invoices per month directly into the system with no manual intervention whatsoever, meaning the small team can handle a large portfolio efficiently and effectively.

The time savings Qube gives us allows us to justify chasing debt personally with two credit controllers. Our clients appreciate the human touch and this has resulted in over 90% collection in 2 days of invoice across our portfolio, with many portfolios at 100%


Improved data security

When holding clients’ information, particularly banking data, it’s vital to ensure robust security measures. Qube PM plays a role in this regard, too, through its market leading workflow capability, which Alliance use to control processes like P2P and perform security checks.

“Qube can notify us via workflow when bank details are changed, providing extra security. We can also track the status of accounts and put in strict controls around invoice approval and payment”


Self-Serve Access for Leaseholders

Alliance have also expanded to other modules from MRI such as the Engage Resident portal which enhances self service capabilities and overall customer experience.

We are using the Engage portal and really like it. Recently we pitched for a block where the portal was key to winning as leaseholders wanted to view documents and self-serve where possible

Tried, tested, and trusted

Alliance have been using Qube PM since their inception in 2008. Nathan has worked with most of the other property management solutions on the market as a business consultant for other property companies, and stands by Qube as the best choice available.

Simply put, none of the competitors have the functionality that Qube has.


With thanks to Nathan Spitzer, Alliance Managing Agents.

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