People presence

MRI OnLocation Suite

Track and manage onsite employees, visitors, and contractors with touchless sign-in, desk booking, wellness checks and more to efficiently run your workplace.

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Footfall analytics

MRI OnLocation Suite

Boost performance for your locations with actionable insights based on AI-driven shopper and visitor footfall analytics in and around your places.

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Keep your facilities and your employees secure and protected

Optimise the places you manage with shopper and visitor analytics

View movement intelligence for known and unknown visitors

MRI OnLocation Suite

Unlock the potential of your locations and protect your people with a comprehensive solution

The buildings that you own, operate or occupy are essential to your business, and so are the people that use them. Understanding known and unknown visitors, employees, contractors and shoppers is key to ensuring safety and success.

MRI’s powerful people presence management and AI-driven footfall analytics solutions give you peace of mind about how your properties are being used. Protect and enable your facilities, tenants, and employees with accurate insights into movement and traffic throughout the workspace to provide a safe, productive environment.

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