OnLocation: Simplify your multi-tenant visitor management needs

Strengthen tenants’ confidence and trust in your property by making your lobby a welcoming environment and a thorough security checkpoint. Tenants will have a straightforward experience meeting on-site visitors with MRI OnLocation, and you’ll be able to gain critical insights into the traffic in and out of your building.

Free the front of the house

Your reception desk is bustling around the clock for the many tenants in your building, but what if you could reduce queues, so only essential matters make it to the front desk? Use OnLocation to free your front of house team to address important tasks and reduce wait times at your reception. Provide visitors with a world-class sign-in/out experience when visiting your tenants.

Improve emergency processes

In the event of an emergency, you want to know that everyone on-site is safe. Gain confidence in your emergency processes with our app OnEvac. Get real-time evacuation progress, share data with first responders, verify the safety of anyone on-site quickly, view historical events, and more.

Simplify your visitor sign-in

Welcome guests to your building’s reception using our easy, centralized, self-service sign-in/out system. From
the sign-in screen, guests choose the tenant they are visiting, complete their sign-in questions, and, if needed,
review and sign NDAs. Once signed in, the guest’s host will automatically be notified of their arrival.

Protect your team and tenants

Strengthen your building’s security and prevent unauthorized access with strong access control integrations, or integrate with your own using our API. Protect the reception area and tenant’s access points with clever, automated rules that can grant or deny access based on your requirements.

Simple contractor management

Managing your building’s contractor workforce can be challenging as you juggle certifications, regulations, and
access permissions. Gain confidence that only contractors with the correct insurances and certifications can gain access. The contractor management feature allows you to simplify your contractor management processes
and create efficiencies.

Get deep visitor insights

Remove administration headaches, and welcome robust reporting and secure data storage for your entire property and tenants. Easily view historical workplace data to aid compliance requirements and get complete clarity on the traffic throughout your building. Get peace of mind with a holistic view of all activity in your building and make informed decisions with property analytics to create efficient spaces and reduce costs.

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